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Daddy Long Legs, 90 Million Years Old, Found with, Um.... Fossilized Wood

She must have been a hell of a female of the species:

A 90-million-year-old fossil of a distant relative of the daddy long legs was found with one extra leg –- his erection.

The “unique specimen” of the harvestmanHalitherses grimaldii was described in The Science of Nature on Jan. 28, and is believed to be the “first record of a male copulatory organ of this nature preserved in amber.” The ancient specimen was found in Myanmar, formerly Burma.

The arduous harvestman’s large eyes, unique penis and probable lack of diaphanous teeth have led researchers to conclude that the specimen belongs to a newly discovered extinct family of harvestman, according to the study.

When erect the harvestman’s penis grew to nearly half the size of his body. “It must have been in an amorous state to have it out like this,” Ron Clouse of theAmerican Museum of Natural History told National Geographic.