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Following Danes and Swiss, Germans Now Confiscating Cash and Valuables from 'Migrants'

(AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

As it dawns on Germans that they’ve been had in more ways than one, local governments within the Federal Republic are gradually beginning to come to their senses. Although the evil that Angela Merkel has done will live on long after she is gone, the only way that Germany can hope to preserve its culture, language and traditions in the face of an alien demographic tidal wave is to crack down now. A first step:

Germany has begun taking cash and sentimental jewellery from wealthier refugees in return for aid. The measure has been introduced to pay for the more than 1.1million migrants who have entered the European country last year. It is a move that was initiated in Denmark and Switzerland, where assets worth more than 1,300 euros (£992) and 900 euros (£687), respectively, are taken from those coming into the countries seeking refuge.

In Bavaria, Germany, refugees are now only allowed to keep cash and items worth 750 euros (£578), according to The Times. Tougher measures are in place in Baden-Wurttemberg, were authorities will take any over 350 euros (£270), the Daily Express reports.  Bavarian interior minister Joachim Herrman said: ‘The practice in Bavaria and the federal rules set out in law correspond in substance with the process already in place in Switzerland.

Of course, there is the usual whining from leftist “advocates,” but this is just their usual smokescreen for what they really desire, which is a borderless First World thrown open to its historic enemies, and the destruction of western civilization.

In Denmark, refugees are reportedly allowed to keep wedding rings and other sentimental assets, but the UN High Commission for Refugees has criticised the move due, saying it will ‘fuel fear and xenophobia’. Ulla Jelpke of Germany’s Left party said: ‘Those who apply for asylum are exercising their basic rights (under the German constitution).  ‘That must not, even if they are rejected, be tied up with costs.’

And Steve Symonds, Amnesty International UK’s refugee and migrant rights expert, told ‘These plans appear to be yet another disturbing step in a Europe-wide race to the bottom on refugee rights. ‘It is reasonable to expect those who can support themselves to do so. But simply confiscating what little people fleeing persecution may have left in the world is a cruel and unjustified response to their plight.’

To which the proper response is: define “plight.” The real plight, it seems, is Germany’s:

Meanwhile, the MailOnline revealed that the German government is unable to say where more than half of the one million asylum seekers allowed into the country have ended up. Government statistics show that Germany registered 1.1million applications by the end of last year under its EASY system, which does not record much more than an applicant’s country of origin.

German Interior Ministry spokesman Dr Harald Neymanns admitted that delays in the processing of asylum seeker applications would account for some of those missing. But he also said that in some cases refugees may not have stayed in Germany but instead gone on to a different country elsewhere in the EU.

Merkel has not only destroyed Germany with her rash and foolish “compassion,” she likely has triggered the end of the EU as well.