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Air Slowly Going Out of Rubio Balloon

The fading Marco Rubio campaign is foundering on the one-term, soon-to-be-has-been Florida legislator’s leading role in the Gang of Eight immigration fiasco. It’s about time:

Senator Marco Rubio made a big bet on an immigration overhaul that failed — and he has been running away from it since. Now his past is catching up with him, stoking old grievances from conservative rivals who are reopening one of the most vulnerable episodes in his past.

The anger toward Mr. Rubio on the right has only grown in recent days as he has taken to aggressively questioning Senator Ted Cruz’s toughness on illegal immigration, a line of attack that some Republicans say they find disingenuous. On talk radio, on the campaign trail and on television in states like Iowa, Mr. Rubio is suddenly facing a torrent of criticism from his own party unlike anything he has faced so far in the presidential race.