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GOP Senator McSally Tells CNN Correspondent 'You're a Liberal Hack' and It Was Glorious

Then U.S. Rep. (now Senator) Martha McSally, R-Ariz., waits to speak at a rally, Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

From the looks of it, President Donald Trump’s approach to the old leftist Media Cartel is finally inspiring other Republicans to take a stand as well. Senator Martha McSally refused to let CNN’s Manu Raju play games with her on camera. She told him what’s what, and went on to do her thing. It was glorious.

When Raju approached McSally he asked her about supposed “new evidence” in the impeachment scam. Would she, he asked, consider new evidence in the trial? Or would she argue that only the evidence that was part of the inquiry in the House of Representatives would be admissible?

McSally’s response was … beautiful. Instead of answering the question, she told Raju that she didn’t want to entertain his question because he’s “a liberal hack.”

Not everybody — not even everybody on the right — is happy with the former fighter pilot’s reaction to Raju’s question. The Washington Examiner opines that it is irrelevant whether or not Raju is “a liberal hack.” “He asked [Sen. McSally] a legitimate question about the impeachment proceedings against [President Trump],” and she should have dealt with it accordingly.

I disagree completely. CNN is a propaganda outlet for the Democrat Party. We’ve all been waiting for politicians with the guts to tell them that straight to their faces for years. Trump has done so from day one. He’s now joined by a few senators. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a very positive development. Propagandists have to be treated as such, and the American people have to be told that these self-declared journalists should not be taken seriously. The only way to do so is by doing exactly what McSally did when Raju thought he could trip her up.

If Arizonans don’t agree with McSally I’m sure they’ll make it clear to her by voting against her when she’s up for reelection, either in the Republican primaries (assuming a challenger will stand up) or afterward when it’s a one-on-one race against a Democrat.

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