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Bernie Sanders Promises to 'Criminally Prosecute Fossil Fuel Executives' for 'Destroying the Planet'

(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

ExxonMobil has published a report predicting “no reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector through 2040—and no date at which emissions reach net zero.” This prediction has the radical left up in arms. But what about climate change?!

Sadly for hysterical liberals, ExxonMobil isn’t the only company that takes this position. As The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reports:

Only 13 percent of the energy companies that follow the disclosure framework recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures are even testing the resilience of their business strategies in a scenario where global warming is kept below 2 degrees.

In fact, of all the (50!) oil and gas companies surveyed by the Transition Pathway Initiative, only one has made a commitment to reduce its emissions to net-zero by any date. This company is Eni, an Italian multinational. However, according to the Bulletin, “Eni’s commitment covers only the modest direct emissions from the extraction, processing, and refining of its fossil fuel products, not the much larger emissions that result from the burning of those products.”

This news has the Loony Left up in arms. Take New Republic alumn Emily Atkin, for example:

The most telling reaction comes from senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The wannabe socialist dictator writes on Twitter that, if he wins, he’ll “pass a Green New Deal, and criminally prosecute the fossil fuel executives who destroyed the planet.”

This is insane and scarily authoritarian. Let me be very clear: the chances of this happening are actually zero. These executives and their companies aren’t breaking any laws currently on the books. Even if Sanders would win and change emission-laws he still couldn’t get them prosecuted — not successfully, at least.

However, there can be little doubt that Sanders will try… and that he’s serious about wanting to destroy companies operating in sectors he despises. After all, he’s a socialist. That’s what they do.