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Lara Trump Unleashes on Democrats: 'The American People Aren't Buying This Impeachment Hoax'

Lara Trump in 2018. (Wikimedia Commons / Doug Coulter)

Appearing on Steve Hilton’s show “The Next Revolution” on Sunday, Lara Trump told the Fox News host that Democrats are making up reasons for impeachment as they go. The good news, though? Internal numbers show that the impeachment scam is resulting in more rather than less support for President Trump.

“This is not what the United States of America is about,” President Trump’s daughter-in-law told Hilton. “Just because your anointed candidate Hillary Clinton did not win in 2016 and the guy who nobody thought had a chance according to the ‘experts’ and the mainstream media was the one that the people of this country chose to be in the White House, does not give you the authority to try to impeach him,” Lara rightfully said about Democrats and their impeachment idiocy.

“They’re trying to move the goalposts every day, Steve. First, it started out as a quid pro quo. Now it’s bribery. What are they going to come up with next? I feel like they just go in every day and pull something out of a hat, and they’re like: ‘This is what we’ll try today.'”

Although that may play well among Democrats themselves, “the American people aren’t buying it,” Lara went on to say. “Our internal numbers show that since Nancy Pelosi called for this impeachment nonsense our numbers have gone up substantially for the president. We are doing record fundraising at the Trump campaign in increments of $40. That’s our average donation.”

“The American people want Donald Trump to stay in the White House and they’re not buying into this hoax,” she finished.

Watch it:

Lara Trump is truly one of the revelations of a) the 2016 campaign and b) the Trump presidency. Just like Donald Trump Jr., she’ll undoubtedly continue to play a role in politics for years to come — whether President Trump is reelected or not.