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Hillary Warns She's 'Concerned' About UK's Future Because of Brexit: 'I Can't Make Sense of What's Happening'

Hillary Warns She's 'Concerned' About UK's Future Because of Brexit: 'I Can't Make Sense of What's Happening'
"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" (AP Photo/Gerry Broome, File)

I’m sure that this is going to make a tremendously big impression on our British friends: Hillary Clinton says that she is very concerned about the United Kingdom’s future. This, undoubtedly, because Brits are about to make sure that Brexit actually happens by electing a pro-Brexit Parliament for the first time in history.

Before criticizing Britain, Hillary said that she has “always admired Britain.” Oh yes. “I am, as a great admirer, concerned because I can’t make sense of what is happening,” she continued. “It’s hard to figure out exactly where you’re headed.”

Next, she pretended that she does respect the British people’s Brexit vote. “We really do count on you coming out of this in a smart and effective, successful way, however it turns out,” she said according to Sky News.

But… well, she doesn’t truly respect it.

“To be trying to separate yourself from Europe at a time when democracies need to stick together, because we are truly under pressure from dictatorships and authoritarian regimes” isn’t the way to go as far as Her Highness is concerned.

As British conservative-populist Raheem Kassam puts it on Twitter: someone please put the UK on suicide watch!

After all, with Hillary, you can’t be sure whether this is truly a concern or a threat.

In any case, from the looks of it, Hillary is getting her talking points directly from the European megalomaniacs in Brussels. See how she says that Britain wants to separate itself from Europe? It’s complete nonsense, of course. Britain wants to get out of the European Union. But Europe and the EU aren’t interchangeable phrases. The only people who do use them as such are, you guessed it, passionate europhiles. Britain is part of Europe and will remain part of Europe. That’s called geography.

Ah well, Hillary knows that too, of course. She’s just playing a cheap game, like all big-government europhiles do, by equating the EU with Europe in an attempt to force the deeply unpopular idea of the United States of Europe down Europeans’ collective throat.

Thank God that Brits won’t fall for it. If all goes as planned, they’ll leave the EU in 2020. And once they prove that European countries don’t need the EU to prosper, perhaps other countries will follow suit — with or without Hillary’s approval.