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Nigel Farage: 'As a Matter of Honor, Boris Johnson Has to Offer His Resignation'

Nigel Farage: 'As a Matter of Honor, Boris Johnson Has to Offer His Resignation'
The Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage talks to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain. Screenshot Twitter.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, The Brexit Party founder and leader Nigel Farage told host Piers Morgan that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to offer his resignation to the House of Commons “and put it to a vote.” This because the British Supreme Court ruled that Johnson’s suspension of Parliament over Brexit was unlawful.

“The Supreme Court is a political court set up by Tony Blair,” Farage said. “It has ruled that he was unlawful. I cannot for the life of me, Piers, find out what law he has broken, but that’s what they’ve ruled. And they are the highest court in the land. They say that he gave the monarch bad advice. And I think as a matter of honor he has to come to the House of Commons and offer his resignation and put it to a vote,” he explained. “I don’t see any way around that,” Farage concluded.

Although Farage certainly has a point, he’s dead wrong. First of all, as he said, the British Supreme Court is a political court established by a progressive, pro-EU Labour leader. There is no way whatsoever for conservative Brits to value its opinions. In fact, if anything, they should plead for its abolition.

Second, again as Farage also admitted, although the Supreme Court says Johnson “broke the law,” nobody in their right mind can find any law that he actually broke. The only thing he’s guilty of, clearly, is doing something the members of the Supreme Court don’t like.

Well, boohoo.

Third, if Johnson does resign now as Farage wants, the chances of Brexit actually happening are reduced to zero. As many pro-Brexit Brits write on Twitter:

All of them are right. It would be a tragic mistake for Johnson to resign now. He has to stay put and fight for all he’s worth.

And Farage? He’d do well to remember that those who support his new party aren’t playing politics; they truly want to get Brexit done.

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