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NY Times Scared to Death: 'The Trumps Will Be a Dynasty!'

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, stands as she is recognized by President Donald Trump as he speaks at the 2019 Prison Reform Summit and First Step Act Celebration in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Monday, April 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

The New York Times has extremely bad news for every single Democrat… and members of the old GOP elite: according to President Trump’s campaign manager, the entire family will be a political force to be reckoned with for years to come. In fact, he calls them a new dynasty.

“The Trumps will be a dynasty that lasts for decades,” Brad Parscale, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, said on Saturday. When asked what he meant, he explained that the family has people with “amazing capabilities.” “I think you see that from Don Jr. I think you see that from Ivanka. You see it from Jared. You see it from all,” he said.

Apparently, the NYT’s Maggie Haberman got so scared by this prospect that she wrote an entire column about it.

Donald Trump Jr. is quoted as having said that he loves “the intensity of campaigning. I love aspects of the fight. I don’t know how much I would love aspects of the actual job yet.”

Next come Lara Trump and Ivanka Trump, both of whom are believed to harbor political ambitions. Lara, of course, is President Trump’s daughter-in-law. She’s married to Eric Trump, with whom she has two children.

About Ivanka, her father has said in the past that if she were ever to run for office, “I think she’d be very, very hard to beat.”


Such comments make clear that the Trump family hopes to extend its influence into the future. And the remarks touched on two lingering questions about the future of the Trumps: Will any of the president’s children run for office, and will he fade quietly if he loses in 2020, or finishes a second term in 2024?

With regards to the latter part of that question, Haberman believes the chances of President Trump fading quietly are just about zero.

You can just smell the fear. It’s bad enough for Haberman and her ilk that there’s Donald Trump, but now there’s an entire dynasty in the making? Oh no! The Clintons and Kennedys are perfect. But the Trump’s as a dynasty? Oh no!

Or, as CNN’s S.E. Cupp puts it:

Ah. The smell of liberals’ fear in the morning. Isn’t it wonderful? And that only because something could happen. There’s no proof that any of the Trump children will run for office. None. But the liberal establishment is already you-know-whatting their pants.

That’s reason enough for me to hope that one of those kids does run once their father’s done being president.