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Hannity and Tucker Continue to Dominate Cable, Maddow Falls Far Behind

In March of last year, the mainstream media were in a frenzy. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had beaten Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Maddow ended the month with 3.058 million viewers. It was the best performance of her show ever, and she had finally brought down Hannity, who had been dominating cable for years. Oh yes, the liberal media seemed to believe, it was the end of an era and the start of a new one. MSNBC for the win! Shows presented by progressive propagandists were finally becoming popular! Down with Fox!

Well, not so fast:

According to data released by Nielsen on Tuesday, as reported by Forbes, MSNBC’s supposed “surge” has all but disappeared. Maddow has slipped into fifth place among cable news shows. She comes in behind Hannity (3.332 million viewers, meaning he has more viewers than Maddow had in her best month last year); Tucker Carlson Tonight (3.145 viewers, also more than Maddow had last year March); The Ingraham Angle (2.591 viewers); and The Five (2.503 million viewers). And Maddow? She now has to settle for a mere 2.487 million viewers.

As Forbes points out, it’s the first time since October of last year that Maddow has finished outside the top three. Meanwhile, Fox News has “posted its 37th straight monthly first-place finish” as a cable news channel. In other words, Fox News is absolutely dominating cable news and Sean Hannity leads the way.

Perhaps other cable news channels should learn a thing or two from Fox News’ performance. No, they do not all have to become right-leaning or even downright conservative. But they might, perhaps, try their hand at actually a) reporting the news or b) getting more conservatives on their shows to share their views, and c) to even giving a conservative Trump supporter his or her own show. I know, shocking! But it may very well boost their ratings if they do so. America is much more conservative as a nation than you’d think if you only watch MSNBC and CNN. Fox News gets that… if the others want to use that to their advantage, they’d better innovate.

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