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Christie: 'Really Awful' People Are 'Trying to Hurt' Kellyanne Conway

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

In an interview with the New York Times, former Trump confidant and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lashed out at unnamed people in the White House for trying to discredit Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president and Trump’s former campaign manager.

“She’s gotten a bad rap at times,” Christie said, “but I think that’s because of some of the really awful people inside the White House who have been trying to hurt her, as opposed to anything the press came up with on its own.”

As The Hill points out, “Conway is one of the last major figures from the Trump campaign to remain in the White House after people such as [Hope] Hicks and former chief strategist Stephen Bannon departed.” If she is forced out like them, Trump will have very few (if any) old-time loyalists left (who aren’t family, that is).

Obviously, this would leave Trump tremendously exposed and in the hands of people who only joined his side after he had won. In other words: opportunists. That’s bad enough from the perspective of his nationalist-populist base, but what makes this even worse is that those newcomers are longtime members of the establishment.

Be that as it may, perhaps Conway will not be forced out. She has enough sense to turn down requests to become Trump’s communication director, at least. If she accepts that job, you simply know she’ll be gone in a year. Max. You can only hope for Trump’s sake that she’ll continue to resist his requests. If she doesn’t, he’ll end up isolated and alone before the end of his first term.