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Relatives of Berlin Christmas Market Victims Pen Angry Letter to Merkel

A blanket covers the body of Berlin Christmas market attacker Anis Amri. (AP Photo/Daniele Bennati)

Relatives of the 12 people who were killed in last year’s horrific terror attack at a Christmas market in Berlin have spoken out publicly against the treatment they’ve gotten from German Chancellor Angela Merkel. One of their complaints is that, although it was a widely publicized and horrific attack, Merkel has not expressed personal condolencesApparently, “Mutti Merkel” is so busy creating an even bigger and more powerful EU that she can’t spare the time to reach out to terror victims’ families.

The relatives wrote an open letter that was published by German news magazine Der Spiegel on Friday. In the letter, they accuse Merkel of not taking the time to offer her personal condolences or writing them a letter.

Of course, the relatives of the victims are right: it’s shameful that Merkel hasn’t reached out to them. Sadly, it’s clear why she hasn’t done so. Merkel is Europe’s main proponent of unlimited migration from the Middle East and Africa. As such, she’s at least partially responsible for terror attacks carried out by recently migrated Islamist extremists from those regions. She’d rather pretend such attacks don’t occur — at all — so she can continue to propagate her immigration gospel to the German people.

In addition to blasting Merkel for not reaching out to them, the relatives also argue that the chancellor’s policies a) led to the attack and b) continue to endanger Germans:

In the letter, the relatives also severely criticized the government’s efforts to combat the danger posed by Islamist terrorists, saying Germany lacked “basic professionalism in its approach to terrorism.”

They cited the fact that Anis Amri, the Tunisian man who drove a truck into crowds at the Christmas market, had been left on the loose for so long by authorities despite having been identified as a terrorist risk and a drug dealer.

“Madam Chancellor, the attack on Breitscheidplatz is a tragic consequence of the political inaction of your government,” the letter said.

“At a time when the threat posed by dangerous Islamists has greatly increased, you have failed to push ahead with expanding resources and reforming the confused official structures for fighting these dangers.”

Not only were 12 people killed, 70 (seventy!) people were also injured. It truly was a terrible attack — made possible by Merkel’s failed policies.

Merkel continues to preach in favor of unlimited migration, welcoming everybody who wants to come from the Middle East and Africa into her country (and Europe as a whole). The attack, combined with Merkel’s lackluster response, is one of many reasons why nationalist-populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD: Alternative for Germany) swept into the Bundestag (Germany’s Parliament) in the parliamentary elections earlier this year. If she continues going down this track — and I’m sure she will — AfD certainly has a very bright future.

Be that as it may, although AfD will certainly continue to grow, Merkel’s horrible policies will undoubtedly wreak havoc in the years ahead. This woman is so stubborn and full of herself that she refuses to express her condolences to terror victims’ relatives and to change her high-minded ideological policies according to this little thing called “reality.”