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Mark Levin Wipes the Floor With Anti-Semitic Barack Obama and John Kerry

On his internet video show yesterday, Mark Levin tore into Jew-haters Barack Obama and John Kerry. The popular talk radio host attacked the two Democrat leaders for turning their backs on Israel in the last month of 2016: they refused to vote against an anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council, and Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech in which he blasted Israel for a full 70 minutes. Never before had anyone under the age of 71 seen anything like it.

Although Levin was on vacation when Kerry gave his speech, he came back yesterday with a vengeance. After replaying part of Kerry’s Kampf, Levin completely and utterly destroyed the secretary of state:

So there you have it. Our policy now is no “Jew-zones” in the original Jewish homeland. That’s the policy of the Obama administration.

What an absolute disgrace, what a disgusting disgrace he [Kerry] is, Obama is, and all the rest of them.

Earlier in the show, Levin repeated his earlier claim that Obama — and therefore his administration — is anti-Semitic. Levin is 100% correct. How else to explain Obama’s obsession with “Israeli settlements” and supposed “crimes,” while actual human rights abusers like Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and Iran get away with true horrors?

Obama doesn’t care about settlements — he cares that Jews are building them.

Clearly, Kerry feels exactly the same. I’ve never seen him as fired up as he was giving his best shot at imitating Heinrich Himmler. Obama and Kerry have knifed Israel in the back, the only real ally that America and Europe have in the Middle East. It’s inexcusable and unacceptable. Thank God that these Jew haters will soon be gone.