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This Senate Hearing Proves That Ted Cruz Is the Conservative Movement's Real Leader

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Donald Trump may talk a good talk (for those who don’t pay attention to details), and he may be the Republican Party’s likely presidential nominee, but that doesn’t make him the leader of America’s conservative movement. Sure, in the past the GOP leader was just that, but no more: Trump’s “nationalist populist agrarians” (or whatever they call themselves) have made sure of that.

No, not Trump, but Ted Cruz is the real leader of America’s conservatives. He proved that during the terrible primary season and he continues to prove it every day in the U.S. Senate. Just watch the video below to see how, on Tuesday, he exposed the Obama administration’s wilful blindness to jihad.

As PowerLine’s Paul Mirengoff explains:

You can view the hearing below, and I encourage you to watch as much of it as you can. Sen. Cruz’s opening statement is here. Andy McCarthy’s testimony is here.

Another of the star witnesses was Phil Haney, a DHS whistleblower. Haney testified that 820 documents were modified or purged from counterterrorism databases, most of them dealing with the relationship between American Muslim Brotherhood figures and global jihadist networks. The purge was undertaken at the behest of Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

It’s easy to understand why the Brotherhood wants to conceal its involvement in global jihad. Why the Obama administration wants to conceal it is a more complicated question.

I beg to differ with that last point: the Obama administration conceals it because accepting it would undermine the president’s far-left ideology. To him, the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage is responsible for every single wrong in the world and every other culture is our victim. Admitting that there’s something inherently wrong with the current Islamic culture would undermine that worldview.

That being said, the conservative movement can and should be grateful that there are still a few conservative warriors left in the Senate who refuse to allow Obama to get away with his ideological nonsense. The first and foremost of them is, of course, Senator Cruz: the man who should have been the GOP’s nominee, but who was beaten by a progressive hack called Donald Trump.