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Mark Levin Hammers Paul Ryan on Refugee Bill, While Politico Praises Ryan

When Congressman Paul Ryan said he’d run for House speaker, many conservatives were critical. The House Freedom Caucus members were among them. This band of conservative congressmen worried that Ryan would quickly prove to be yet another establishmentarian who’d act against the interests and views of his party’s base.

After meeting with the House Freedom Caucus and launching a PR campaign in which he promised to work with conservative colleagues, Ryan was eventually elected. Now, only a few weeks later, Ryan has already turned his back on them.

The ultimate proof? Left-wing website Politico and “Beltway insiders” praise him for “standing up to the right-wing.” As Breitbart reports:

[Politico’s Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan] gush about Rep. Paul Ryan’s brief time as Speaker of the House of Representatives, citing indications that he will ignore his party’s conservative constituents to work better with President Obama.

In other words, they praise him because he’s doing exactly what John Boehner did as speaker: actively working against conservative House members while siding with Democrats.

Radio talker Mark Levin also noticed that, and took Rep. Ryan to task on his radio show yesterday evening. “The Great One” blasted Ryan’s plan to vet Syrian refugees, saying the plan simply requires Obama administration officials to sign a document saying the refugee is approved. When proven wrong, all the officials have to face is a letter “admonishing them.”

As Levin pointed out, the refugees can’t be vetted, because there is nothing to vet. The authorities don’t have any records on the refugees unless they were already on our radar. Both FBI Director James Comey and Speaker Ryan have admitted as much.

Then why add “one preposterous level of vetting”? As Director Comey said last month, “you can only query what you have collected,” which in this case means “nothing.”

So Speaker Ryan’s bill won’t solve a thing, even if President Obama doesn’t veto it. All it does is give Americans a fake sense of security. That’s bad enough as is, but it’s even worse because we all need to be more vigilant than ever.

If Speaker Ryan has proven anything in recent days, it’s that he’s already turning his back on conservatives to side with Democrats. Conservatives removed John Boehner from power, and all they got in return was John Boehner 2.0.