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Why Can't Democrats All Be Like Tulsi Gabbard?

Why Can't Democrats All Be Like Tulsi Gabbard?
Tulsi Gabbard

The Democrats made a big mistake by keeping former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) out of the fold. Her message can and will resonate with an awful lot of people who have grown tired of absolutely everything being viewed through the lens of race. Gabbard took to Twitter to post a video begging people to stop the practice of what she calls “racialism.” Unlike racism, racialism is the blaming of every societal ill on racism until the message is totally lost. Example: Removing all people of color off of grocery packaging.


It’s enough, already. “Please, please, let us stop the racialization of everyone and everything. It’s racialism,” Gabbard said. “We are all children of God and therefore family in the truest sense, no matter our race or ethnicity. This is Aloha. And this is what our country and world need.”

She went on to castigate the mainstream media for ginning up hatred. “The mainstream propaganda media and politicians: they want us to constantly focus on our skin color or the skin color of others because it helps them politically or financially.”

The Hawaiian philosophy of Aloha is beautiful and Gabbard explains it well. “Aloha means respect and love for others. It’s what enables us to see beyond our skin color and see the soul, the person within,” she said. “So let’s do our best to cultivate this Aloha in our hearts and see and treat others through this prism of love, not through the prism of race and ethnicity.”

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Gabbard finished strong, saying, “Please, let us not allow ourselves to be led down this dark and divisive path of racialism and hate.”

She’s so normal and good. Why can’t all Democrats be like Tulsi?

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