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Fox News' John Roberts Has On-Air Meltdown Over 'White Supremacy' Hoax Backlash

Twitter screenshot of John Roberts as a clown (@itsabouttime45).

Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts had an epic on-air meltdown after his rapid-fire questioning of Kayleigh McEnany demanding that the president denounce white supremacy, even though he has done so vociferously and often since 2016. Don’t believe me? Check out this compilation video. The media is gaslighting the entire nation by pretending the president has never done this. Unfortunately for them, there’s tape. Watch it. Share it with friends.

Even though Trump has issued all these denunciations of racism and white supremacy, the media pretends that he hasn’t said any of it. And because he didn’t say whatever the magic words are they were looking for (that are somehow different than the words he’s already said) at the first presidential debate, John Roberts decided to ask it AGAIN at the White House press briefing. Watch this absurd exchange if you can do it without breaking your computer.

Note to AOC, Liz Warren, Kamala: Trump Is NOT a White Supremacist

Worse, just a few hours before this briefing, Roberts’s own wife asked the president himself the same question and he YET AGAIN denounced white supremacy. Roberts is clearly just pushing an agenda to gaslight the American public into believing yet another media hoax. It’s outrageous.

When Roberts began to get the well-deserved mocking from Twitter users who are sick of the neverending lies coming from the media, he cracked like a small child denied a cookie. Watching a grown man have a hissy fit is uncomfortable, yet hilarious. WATCH:

And now, the memes have begun.

The American media is a damn disgrace. How is half the country still snowed by these obvious lies? Sometimes I feel like I’m a sane person locked in a nuthouse.

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