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Dem Women in White Sit While Trump Announces Lowest Minority Unemployment Numbers EVER

Screenshot via YouTube video

Well, this is weird. Not only are the Democrats sheathing themselves in their favorite historic color for intimidating folks at the State of the Union address, but they all refused to stand while President Trump announced the lowest unemployment numbers for black and Hispanic people in the history of the country.

This is what it looked like on the left side of the aisle.

Just kidding. Here’s what it actually looked like. Still weird.

Screenshot via YouTube video

You have to wonder what message they’re trying to send as they sit there completely unimpressed that more minority people are working than ever before. We know you hate the president, but don’t you like Americans who have jobs? It seems like one of those things that would be easy to cheer. But Trump Derangement Syndrome, so whatever. Minority jobs come second to that. I’m surprised they didn’t wear black for mourning the impeachment acquittal that is coming in the morning.

Dems claim they’re in white because something, something, suffragettes.

How much you want to bet AOC couldn’t name the amendment that gave women the vote? But I like this guy’s idea.

I think Jerry Nadler would look spectacular in one of those. I’ll let our pro-life friends have the last word.


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