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Shot to the Groin Offers Infertility to Men for 13 Years

Shot to the Groin Offers Infertility to Men for 13 Years
image from Pixabay

Birth control for men is fast-tracking its way to doctors’ offices near you in as little as six months. All it takes, apparently, is jabbing a needle into your holy of holies and injecting some kind of polymer substance into the tubes to block sperm from being carried from the testicles. Reports Fox32, “A new male contraceptive has reportedly completed clinical trials in India and involves an injection into the groin area that researchers say is designed to be a practical alternative to surgical vasectomy.”

One can only imagine the long line of woke lads in man-buns sipping designer lattes and wearing skinny jeans waiting for this miracle of science to be injected into their genitalia to satisfy the demands of their feminist girlfriends who hate everything about their toxic masculinity. What better way to combat manspreading than chemical castration?

Betting that most men (who are not led around by their women) will do anything that involves a painful shot in the penis is a long shot.

The ratio on the NY Post article is fun.

Resist this evil cultural brainwashing that says procreation is a sickness to be avoided at all costs including your manhood, fellas. Find a woman who wants your babies. They still exist.

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