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Woke-Scold Comedy Club Owner Shuts Down Show Over 'Misogynist' Stand-Up Comics

Woke-Scold Comedy Club Owner Shuts Down Show Over 'Misogynist' Stand-Up Comics
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Courtney Pong is a killjoy.

If it seems strange for a comedian and comedy club owner to be described that way, just check out her Twitter feed. She wrote (in a tweet which has since been deleted), “Tonight I shut down a string of misogynistic stand up comics. As in, I walked on stage in the middle of one of them talking, addressed the audience, offered a full refund, told them it would not be tolerated here, and pulled the show and its comics from our theatre immediately. Lights on, go home.”

She added, “I have never felt more alive than right now.”

Pong’s big moment sent peals of laughter around Twitter. People who can’t handle edgy comics probably shouldn’t be in the comedy business, and the vast majority of commenters told her so. What’s even funnier is the article that was written at Universal Hub about it. It turns out the full refund she offered went to all four of her paying customers.

The owner of a comedy spot in Roslindale shut down a series of stand-up sets last night after, she says, she’d had enough of a string of racist, sexist jokes.

Courtney Pong, who owns the Rozzie Square Theater on Basile Street, where she runs improv and lets another group put on stand-up shows, said this morning that the comedian emceeing the 10 p.m. event got off to a bad start by trying to crack a joke about his “segregated” audience – there were two black men in the small crowd of about 17 people, all men.

Then, over the next 40 minutes or so, she said she cringe listened to a number of “this bit*h” jokes and finally had enough when one guy told a joke about how he couldn’t understand why Uber fired him for making women customers ride in the trunk.

That, she said, is when she realized, “wait a minute, I own this place.” Sitting at the sound table at the back of the theater, she hit a button that rang a loud bell, walked to the front and announced the night was over and that she would give refunds to the four paying customers – the other 13 people in the room were friends of the performers.

But wait! It gets better! After she shut down her club, she followed her customers and comics to the bar across the street and continued to lecture them there about how doubleplusungood they are and why she’s a virtuous arbiter of all that is appropriately funny.

She said that after she shut things down, most of the people went across the street to the Napper Tandy’s bar. She said that after she and the one other woman in the place, working the front desk, closed up, she followed them over and talked to the paying customers to explain why she felt she had to close down the performances. She said one of the paying customers was a BC student and that “it broke my heart” to think he might think that punch-down humor like going after women was OK.

I’m sure they appreciated being scolded at a new venue by the same weirdo who kicked them out of the last venue they were in. Pong would not say who the comedians were who allegedly told bad jokes. Many people are questioning if it even happened as no video has surfaced. Others are just having fun mocking Pong and her inability to take a joke.

The ratio is fun. Comedy in 2019 is the most sanitized, uninspiring, garbage anyone has ever endured. It makes me wish that George Carlin was alive to roast it. Remember when comedy was free and offensive? Here’s a tip: if you don’t like some jokes, don’t listen to them. Carlin was a leftist, but he was funny. He hated religious people like me, but I still found him hilarious and I think he would be horrified at the state of comedy and cancel culture in 2019. (Warning: Language NSFW)


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