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Mattel Introduces Gender-Neutral Dolls in Effort to Be 'Woke'

(Image via Twitter screenshot @Mattel)

This story makes me laugh. In an effort to be ‘woke’ and kowtow to the gender-confused masses, Mattel is coming out with a new line of Barbie-like dolls, called “Creatable World,” that are gender-neutral and have a variety of interchangeable hairstyles and clothing choices to switch up the doll’s look. What’s silly about this is that these dolls look really wholesome and cute and exactly the kind of thing parents have been asking the Barbie manufacturer to do. For years we’ve had to buy handmade Barbie clothes at festivals because all the clothes Mattel sells for Barbie are whorish. Most parents aren’t thrilled about letting their little girls play with a sexed-up hooker doll.

This new line has a much more pre-pubescent body shape and comes with normal clothes that kids would wear. I take issue with Mattel’s inference that offering short haircuts for girls somehow denotes gender ambiguity. My daughter has a pixie cut and it’s the cutest, most feminine cut on her and she knows she’s a girl. How is short hair “gender-neutral?”

Overall, I think these dolls look like a lot of fun and are breath of fresh air from the Bratz dolls and Barbies that the market was flooded with until now. All in all, it’s just virtue-signaling to pretend like these perfectly normal little dolls are anything other than a response to the parental backlash they get constantly for over-sexualizing children’s toys. I’m probably going to buy these, despite their annoying virtue-signaling ads.

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