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Anti-Trump Censorship on Reddit Reaches Ridiculous Levels of Hysteria

Anti-Trump Censorship on Reddit Reaches Ridiculous Levels of Hysteria
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The censorship on social media has reached levels that even I hadn’t imagined possible. Facebook and Instagram have banned benign comedian and commenter Paul Joseph Watson, probably best known for making fun of “soy boys” and modern art. Seriously, if you haven’t watched his commentary on the modern art movement it’s can’t-miss comedy sure to have you rolling around gasping for air.

But wait! There’s more. Don’t miss this one, this one, or this one, especially since YouTube will probably blackhole them soon. PJW and his views on blank black canvasses are so upsetting to the tech gods that he must be deleted and you must be ignorant of his existence. You wouldn’t want to be caught snickering at anything the left takes seriously like global warming, carbon emissions, or drinks called “Soylent.” Shhhhhh. That’s badthink. Stop it.

But the left has gone even further down the rabbit hole of censoring their critics on Reddit. It’s been common knowledge in the community that anyone who posts regularly to r/The_Donald cannot post on a majority of other Reddit pages or they will face an immediate ban. r/The_Donald, for the uninitiated, is a nonstop Trump rally full of funny memes and jokes and cheerleading pro-Trump stuff like this:

I’ve been a regular Reddit reader since 2016 and have been impressed with the joviality that continues to bubble to the top there. It’s truly a place where people like to laugh. Normally, if a poster on r/The_Donald posts outside the group to another Reddit page, he, she, or zhe is banned from that group silently, without explanation. But what happened recently to a poster made me laugh uproariously. User u/dontrememberu posted on r/offmychest and received the following message from their page bot that could have been written for an SNL skit about overzealous social justice warriors:

Note from the moderators: You have been automatically banned for participating in r/The_Donald. It systematically harasses people and communities, including this one. The effects of your participation go beyond Reddit, as it heavily promoted the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, and interferes with American democracy. The content you provide to the hatereddit harms all other communities and breaks our rules. We are willing to reverse the ban only if you will completely disengage from these hatereddits. If you will not immediately cooperate with our rules, then do not contact us: we will ignore any other response. If you have any questions regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team for r/offmychest by replying to this message.

This is the type of hysterical, hyperbolic nonsense that anyone who voted for Trump has had to put up with online since 2016. It’s absurd. One commenter nailed it saying, “They are such self-important, prissy little weirdos…the entire left, I mean.” Pretty much. I guess it’s only a matter of time, though, until they ban each other for not being pure enough in their ideology or thought. When that time comes, make sure you’ve stocked up on popcorn. Until then, the segregation of America online continues.


Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow her on Twitter @MeganFoxWrit