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Video: Activist Mommy Crashes Abortion Rally, Confronts Protesters with Graphic Photos of Aborted Babies

Video: Activist Mommy Crashes Abortion Rally, Confronts Protesters with Graphic Photos of Aborted Babies
Image credit Elizabeth Johnston, Activist Mommy.

Elizabeth Johnston, aka The Activist Mommy, just crashed an abortion rally — #StopTheBans, sponsored by Planned Parenthood — with graphic photos of the results of abortion. The small number of rally participants reacted as expected — with foaming-mouthed rage.

Instead of ignoring a counter-protest and continuing with their rally, the pro-abortion protesters spent the entire rally trying to chase Johnston and her crew away, swearing in her face, grabbing her sign, covering her camera and running after her like wild animals. There are many amusing parts of this video, including one memorable moment when Johnston begins praying for a screeching, shaking woman to be delivered from demons.

“The intolerance of the left was on full display today,” Johnston told PJ Media. “I thought I would do my civic duty and remind them what the medical procedure they are defending actually looks like.”

The crowd of rabid abortion supporters was not having any of it. “I was assaulted, pushed, and my sign covered for an hour as I simply tried to show the crowd what abortion looks like,” Johnston reported. The police seemed hesitant to protect Johnston until she demanded they do their jobs. Finally, an officer stopped the women from physically harassing her. Watch:

A common theme was protesters claiming that the photograph Johnston was holding of an aborted baby was not real. Not even the New York Times could lie about the authenticity of the photographs that pro-life protesters use:

A theology professor at Madonna University and the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, she said she had firsthand experience retrieving fetuses after abortions and photographing them. When we met two days later in her university office, she handed me proof: a series of 4-by-6-inch prints that she shot, which have been turned into portraits by Stephen McGee.

The first image in the pile gave me a clue to the source. It showed a cardboard box with six or seven large, sealed plastic bags with something red inside. There were names on the bags in black ink and, on the box, there was a date written with felt-tip marker: Feb. 27, 1988.

Mrs. Migliorino Miller said this was one of the many boxes filled with fetuses that she, her husband and several others pulled 21 years ago from a loading dock in Northbrook, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. Acting on a tip, between February and September of 1988, she said they retrieved around 4,000 fetuses that had been shipped there from a dozen or so abortion clinics nationwide. (A protracted lawsuit tied to their efforts ended in 2003.)

Mrs. Migliorino Miller said the boxes filled spare rooms in her apartment and others for nearly a year. “We didn’t feel we could put them in storage,” she said.

In 1988, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, archbishop of Chicago, presided over a funeral for around 2,000 of the fetuses. Activists buried many others.

“If the left is right, and abortion is just a harmless medical procedure, why would the feminists be so angry at me for showing the world how wonderful it is and assault me and cover my sign?” she continued. “Abortion is savage and not health care at all, and Planned Parenthood and their feminist allies are determined that the public not see the truth.”

Would that all of us had a fraction of her boldness.

Update: Facebook has removed the video, claiming it is too graphic. Fortunately, it’s available on YouTube—at least for now.