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Why Are Conservative Men Excusing Creepy Uncle Joe and His Wandering Hands?

Vice President Joe Biden kisses the head of Jessica Chao Hwang as they pose for a family photo after Biden delivered the Senate oath to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky. on Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015,(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Pardon my shock, but the rush to excuse the sleazy and weird behavior by Joe Biden when it comes to women and girls by conservative icons is leaving a very bad taste in my mouth. Not only did Tucker Carlson apologize for being hard on Biden and his greedy lips that are drawn to women of all ages without consent, but Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire also believes this creeping female groper is getting a bad rap. Tucker Carlson said, “Hugging is not sexual assault. Eskimo kisses are not rape.” Matt Walsh also tweeted out the false premise that people are calling what Biden does as “sexual assault.”

Who the heck said they were? What did happen is that women who’ve been caught in Biden’s sticky grasp have said it made them uncomfortable. Anyone who argues that it isn’t weird or uncomfortable should be forced to “Eskimo kiss” Joe Biden for fifteen seconds. It made me uncomfortable and I was only watching it on video! In most of the videos of him behaving this way, the little girls and women  — including Hillary Clinton herself — try to pull away from him. That body language speaks volumes. No one likes it or invites it.

The only reason these guys are taking this stance is because they are men and they don’t get it. I don’t pull the woman card very often (because I strongly support and defend men and maleness), but there are experiences women have that men can never understand, like childbirth and PMS. Being manhandled physically by powerful men is something men don’t face, or if they did, they’d probably respond with violence and end the situation. Women, on the other hand, are put in these positions regularly, and I can assure you, it’s extremely uncomfortable and wrong.

When I was twenty I had my first job in the real world with lots of “old school” guys like Biden who never thought twice about placing their hands on my shoulders and offering compliments they would never give out to my male coworkers. For the most part, it wasn’t anything I wanted to make a big deal about and be “that girl,” but it was strikingly obvious that only the female staff members were ever approached like that. And the culture that permitted it led to a dangerous situation for me when I was invited to a senior executive’s “party,” which turned out to be only me and him in his apartment. I had to escape awkwardly before bad things happened, while still trying to keep my job. That’s where the liberties lead. No man should be taking physical liberties with women or girls they don’t have a relationship with. It’s not assault, but it is demeaning, aggressive, presumptive, and sleazy.

Everyone is talking about “hugs” like that’s what Joe Biden is doing. No, he isn’t. This goes way beyond hugs. Are you telling me that Matt Walsh and Tucker Carlson would be perfectly fine with a fifty-year-old man, not related to them, grabbing their daughters from behind on their first encounter and deeply inhaling the scent of her hair while kissing her head? Or sliding his hand up under her breast during a photoshoot and holding onto her longer than necessary? No, they wouldn’t. They’d punch that guy out. And they would be right to do so. That behavior is totally out of line.

Have any of these conservative men who are defending this behavior seen the unedited footage of Joe Biden groping and sniffing little girls? It’s true that this behavior might not be sexual, but it sure is overfamiliar and creepy. Body language expert Mandy O’Brien has said that Biden’s behavior is about power. His need to touch everyone in sight is about establishing himself as the alpha in the room and any challenge to his status makes him back off immediately. Her video showing who he takes liberties with and who he doesn’t is telling. Watch this video (if you can without becoming ill) and see how he never tries to grope any woman whose male escort shows dominance in his approach. It’s uncanny. The men who come to Biden with deference and submission have their wives, children, and mothers groped, sniffed, kissed, whispered to, and manhandled. It is particularly painful to watch how the young girl in the red dress tries to escape him and can’t. There is no excuse for this. Any man who tries this on my daughters is going to be sorry.

An interesting tip that O’Brien gives is that when introducing your children to someone new, it sends a strong signal if you place your hand on them claiming them as yours. Even this small gesture stopped Biden from taking liberties he shouldn’t. It’s also an important reminder to parents that non-verbal cues can be just as important as verbal ones in stopping would-be gropers from messing with your kid.

Listen up, conservative men: don’t make me join the #MeToo movement. I wrote an entire book about why due process is dying in this country, largely thanks to #MeToo, and what false accusations have done to our republic. But these are not false accusations, these are events captured on video, and in any court, they’d call that evidence. The guy is a serial creeper. I may not #BelieveWomen, but I sure do #BelieveEvidence.

It is not okay to treat women and girls like game pieces in a battle of male dominance. Joe Biden might not be a sexual deviant, but his behavior with women and girls is twisted and unacceptable.


Megan Fox is the author of the new book “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process From Salome to #MeToo.” Follow her @MeganFoxWriter on Twitter.