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Hysterical 'Kavanope' Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years

Hysterical 'Kavanope' Harpies Set Women Back 100 Years
(Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Never have I felt more ashamed of my sex than in the last two weeks watching hysterical harridans trashing tradition, decorum, and common decency. The Kavanaugh confirmation circus has brought out the worst of womankind — women who forced themselves, writhing with hatred and ignorance, into our living rooms and smart devices uninvited and without consent. I’ve never felt so assaulted in my life than after watching the fiendish, frenzied temper tantrums of a thousand deranged females during what is supposed to be tedious, uneventful Senate procedure to seat a Supreme Court justice.

These screeching gorgons have bigger problems than Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. Their performance during this uproarious time has called into serious question their fitness to even participate in any serious matter of state. For the first time in my life, I felt I needed to go back and see what the arguments against letting women have the vote were. I had a sneaking suspicion I might find some sage warnings of what we are witnessing today.

Taken from a parliamentary debate in 1912, Viscount Helmsley nailed it.

The way in which certain types of women, easily recognised, have acted in the last year or two, especially in the last few weeks, lends a great deal of colour to the argument that the mental equilibrium of the female sex is not as stable as the mental equilibrium of the male sex….It seems to me that this House should remember that if the vote is given to women those who will take the greatest part in politics will not be the quiet, retiring, constitutional women… but those very militant women who have brought so much disgrace and discredit upon their sex.  It would introduce a disastrous element into our public life…it is little short of nauseating and disgusting to the whole sex…

Nauseated, disgusted, revolted, sickened, scandalized — none of those choice words even begin to describe my feelings toward women who behave like irrational mental patients who escaped the loony bin. Or are you telling me this is normal?

This psychotic behavior is also not new. Emily Davison, suffragette, threw herself in front of a derby horse in protest and was promptly trampled to death.

This is the same type of radicalism that leads people to bomb political enemies for the “greater cause.” The Weather Underground run by Barack Obama’s best buddy William Ayers was only one step further than these lunatics. It’s a very short walk from chasing down senators in elevators and pounding on their front doors all night to sending them mail bombs. Oh wait, the Pentagon already got an envelope of Ricin powder.

This lawlessness cannot stand unpunished — and even more importantly, it cannot be rewarded! Each one of these women violated the rule of law gleefully. They should be thrown in jail to rot. They are, every day, inciting others to acts of unlawful rebellion. These are not peaceful protests. They were disrupting a legal hearing, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace, and using intimidation and fear to try to change votes. In the days that followed, these brazen wretches continued their unconstrained assault on order, at one point shutting down the Senate office building. Why are they allowed to do this?

The Hart Senate Office Building is almost impossible for regular people to get into. I was once in desperate need of headache medicine while sightseeing in D.C. and tried to go into that same building to find a shop to buy some when I was stopped by police and told I could not enter the building. Why are 1,000 violent and unhinged women allowed inside our Senate office building without being stopped? Why are they allowed to continue this charade of ungoverned rage? There are laws. Hold them responsible for breaking them in the harshest way possible. Only then will it stop. Our senators have put up with their harassment for far too long.

What these women have done to the women’s movement cannot be measured at this time. It will be years before we know the full weight of this debacle. The cost to victims who will now be viewed with suspicion, and the cost to our sense of justice, which is permanently damaged, cannot be overstated. The women who were harmed by this spectacular perversion of credibility itself were all of us out here, not Christine Ford. She will get book deals and probably a mini-series on TV and a million dollars in GoFundMe scams. We are the ones who will now suffer.

What employers will hire women now? If I were one, I wouldn’t. What kind of sado-masochist do you have to be to want to take a chance on hiring one of these women who think accusations are enough to hang a man? It is truly frightening that these people vote. I would actually be willing to give up my right to vote just to make sure they don’t have any say in my future. At this point I trust the men in my life, who have always done right by me, and the people they vote for to make sane decisions unclouded by whatever female affliction is ravaging the country at the moment. It embarrasses me deeply that these shrieking shrews identify as “women” and are allowed to speak for all of us without question. The only women in America whose existence is continually and relentlessly denied are conservative women. The LGBTQWTF crowd loves to claim that we deny their existence when we couldn’t if we tried. They’re #LiterallyEverywhere. But conservative women don’t exist according to media, Hollywood, and culture. We are represented nowhere. (While LGBTQWTF have at least one letter of their alphabet on 90% of television shows, I bet you can’t name one regular-appearing female conservative character who is the heroine and not the villain.) If we aren’t willing to free bleed all over ourselves or attack a police officer or disrupt a legal hearing for some leftist cause, we don’t exist.

And now, after watching this shameful ten-act play that will not end, I am forced to admit that perhaps the anti-suffrage movement was right. These are not serious voices in any debate. They are radical anarchists hell-bent on tearing down our very Constitution. There’s no denying it anymore. What they want is power to destroy and dismantle America as we know it and rebuild it into an unrecognizable place of mob rule. Hard pass.

Quote taken from interview with Channel 2, Philadelphia.