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Racist, Sexist and Possibly Homophobic Clinton Rally Goes Unnoticed for 8 Years

I feel triggered. Even though this video is from 2008, it goes to show that the Democrats feel perfectly comfortable using blatantly sexist language to describe Hillary Clinton when they want to. With all the hysterical harping on Donald Trump for being “sexist” because he despises Rosie O’Donnell (as does anyone in America with working ears) you would think that the party of Hillary Clinton would never engage in sexism, right? They love women! Women can do anything! Especially clean the house.

“We need a cleaning in the White House! And we need a woman to clean it up! And that woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton,” because men are terrible at that crap (especially Bill, always leaving stains in inconvenient places). All y’all ladies get your rubber gloves on and make me a sandwich while you’re at it!

[SIDEBAR: I apologize that you had to watch that and for the fact that I guarantee at some point over the next two days you will be jogging around your house (probably while you’re cleaning like the good little woman you are) shouting this song at the top of your lungs while doing your best Richard Simmons impression. At least that’s what I did because it’s just that good of a song. When I sing it, it goes like this: “Hillary clean the house! Hillary clean the White House!” I imagine her running around after Bill, cleaning up the messes he’s made every Saturday night in the Oval Office and making interns disappear like they’re top-secret emails.]

This video was made only eight short years ago. Did no one back then get triggered and cry for days while tweeting their outrage over this? I’m shocked. Did Twitter exist in 2008? Or is it that we have all gone so totally bat-crap mad in the eight years under Obama that even people like me, who genuinely find jokes about women drivers and blondes funny, are shocked by how blatantly sexist and wrong this is? (It’s so wrong on so many levels: musically, rhythmically, socially, and it’s catapulting off the cringe-o-meter’s unbearable index.)

Not only is it sexist but it’s racist and homophobic too. The guy doing the “singing” is clearly gay (unless straight guys just started loving public singing and gyrating). His performance made me actually fear gay people who sing, thus promoting homophobia (which is as good an argument as any they’ve thrown up against Donald Trump). I wouldn’t bake a cake for this guy if my life depended on it. I would be too scared he would start singing his thanks with some terribly composed “rap” he made up on the spot. Where is Simon Cowell when you need him?

As for racism, did you catch these code words rapped by a white guy who is whiter than mayonnaise on white bread? “We don’t need no bling” (cultural appropriation) “all we gotta do is sing” (or stop singing this appallingly unnerving song). I like the one black guy to the right of the screen who just can’t bring himself to “sing along.” I can almost hear his thoughts, “Obama wouldn’t make me sing this sh*t.”

The honky rapper cum Professor Harold Hill, arms akimbo, goes on to bizarrely state, “This is the best that you’ve gotta listen to!” I think we’ve just discovered how Obama won the primary. Then the chorus awkwardly trails off because no one knows how to end this terrible foray into Hell that we’ve fallen into.

Good Lord. 

The next time someone tells you Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, moron, show them this video of racist, sexist Democrats getting their groove on to a culturally insensitive, sexist attack on their own candidate. Now, go clean the White House, Hillary! Trump’s moving in and he likes things tidy.

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