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The Left Wastes No Time Talking About a Cuomo Comeback

The Left Wastes No Time Talking About a Cuomo Comeback
AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

With the news of Andrew Cuomo’s resignation just hours old, the mood was not only somber over at MSNBC on Tuesday, but they were already plotting his comeback.

“Andrew Cuomo, you know, could have been a presidential candidate down the road,” reflected MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. I swear she was fighting back tears as she considered what might have been. “And who knows, as you point out, whether this is going to be rising from the phoenix later on, but this is really his only alternative, given how united the assembly was against him.”

But Chuck Todd doesn’t see Cuomo’s political capital as completely spent yet, and even suggested that Cuomo’s resignation will give him the opportunity to rise again.

“His career was either permanently over, or almost permently over,” said Todd. “And he chose the path of almost permanently over.”

“He eventually did something that, maybe over time, will at least give him an opening to maybe not be a full pariah, say in three years, four years, five years,” Todd added.

“I expect, in my lifetime, Andrew Cuomo to run for office again,” he continued, practically choking up. “What that office is? I don’t know, but that’s what this resignation tells me today. He wants to live to fight another day.”

“Chuck, I could not agree more,” Mitchell responded. She said that Cuomo reminded the public of “the legacy… of what he did during the terrible winter months of 2020 during the pandemic.”

So the brainiacs at MSNBC think that Cuomo’s abhorrent treatment of women is no big deal. That people, in time, will just forget about it. That he’ll eventually be able to rise up from the ashes of his destroyed political career and seek office again, running on the legacy of his COVID leadership.

Are they serious?

Have they already forgotten that Cuomo ordered nursing homes in New York to accept patients regardless of their COVID-19 status, causing a massive outbreak among elderly New Yorkers? Have they forgotten how Cuomo defended the policy and insisted that nursing homes and long-term care facilities had “no right to object” to the policy?

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“Older people, vulnerable people are going to die from this virus,” he said. “That is going to happen despite whatever you do.”

Well, let’s get his presidential exploratory committee started!

Is Cuomo really the guy they want to be going to bat for right now–or ever? It’s bad enough that they defended the guy for over a year after he killed thousands of elderly people with his nursing home policy, and then had the gall to try to cover it up. Is the field of potential leaders of the Democratic Party that weak that a guy who sexually harassed at least eleven women and killed thousands of elderly New York citizens is someone they want to see have a political comeback? I know MSNBC is a left-wing network, but don’t they have any standards? Shouldn’t groping women and killing grandmas disqualify you from ever being on the political radar of the left?

Apparently not. Cuomo, as we know, was a hot ticket last year, wrote a book about his COVID leadership, and won an Emmy for it. For a while, he was even floated as a replacement for Biden on the Democratic ticket. Yes, the left had a lot riding on him, but entertaining the idea that he might have political viability down the road is an insult to the women he abused and the families of all those nursing home patients who died because of his policies.