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Democrats Know Election Integrity Dooms Their Chances in 2022

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, File)

Democrats are terrified that commonsense election integrity laws will likely destroy their chances of victory at the ballot box and will likely doom their chances of winning in the 2022 midterm elections.

In the wake of the 2020 election, Republican-controlled state legislatures in 18 states have reformed their election laws, making it easier to vote but harder to cheat.

“If there isn’t a way for us to repeat what happened in November 2020, we’re f—ed,” Nsé Ufot, the CEO of the New Georgia Project, which Stacey Abrams founded, told Politico.  “We are doing what we do to make sure that not only our constituents, our base, the people, the communities that we organize with, get it. We’re trying to make sure that our elected officials get it as well.”

Max Wood, the founder and CEO of a left-wing data analytics company that analyzes voting behavior, told Politico that he is “super worried.”

“I try to be optimistic, and I do think there are times when this kind of stuff can galvanize enthusiasm and turnout,” Wood said. “But I don’t know that that will be enough, especially with how extreme some of these laws are.”

Extreme? Hardly. According to recent polling, various voter restrictions are supported by bipartisan majorities. For example, 70 percent of all voters want all mail-in ballots to be received by Election Day, 57 percent of all voters believe ballot harvesting should be outlawed, and 76 percent believe all voters should be required to show a photo ID before voting. In fact, support for Voter ID is so high that some Democrats have even claimed they’ve supported it all along.

If Democrats admit they can’t win with Voter ID and other commonsense election integrity provisions in place, what does that tell you? Why is it that Democrats oppose laws that make it harder for them to cheat? Are we supposed to look at this and not find that suspicious? These Democrats claim Republicans are trying to restrict voting and “suppress” minority votes, but to believe that, you have to believe that somehow minorities are incapable of acquiring an ID… which is absurd… and pretty racist.

Despite the efforts of various states to restore election integrity, Democrats are hellbent on nationalizing elections and turning elections into a fraud-plagued disaster. Their laundry list of proposals is basically the polar opposite of what most voters want, but Democrats in power know are necessary for them to keep their power. This is why the fight for election integrity is so important. Bring back fair and secure elections, and prevent Democrats from federalizing elections. This is why they’re panicking. Election integrity is the main thing standing between them and their quest for power in perpetuity. That Democrats are terrified right now tells us that we’re on the right track. We have to support Republicans nationwide trying to fix the problems that allowed the widespread election irregularities to occur in November 2020. The 2022 election isn’t just about electing Republicans to thwart Joe Biden’s radical agenda. It’s about saving our republic from Democrats who want to radically transform our elections into a fraud-plague dumpster fire that will keep them in power. We can’t afford to lose this fight.