Why Hunter Biden's Racism Matters

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Ever since Trump first dipped his toes into the realm of politics (as a Republican) he was branded a racist by the left. Never mind the fact that during all those years in the public in prior decades he was generally liked by both sides, and even recognized for his work with minorities.

But then he spoke out against Barack Obama, and as we know, opposing Obama was (and still is) by default, racist. Never in the history of the world had a white Republican opposed left-wing policies before Barack Obama ran for president, apparently.

But I digress.

The key issue factoring into Trump’s alleged racism was his “birtherism”—his public remarks questioning Obama’s country of birth. Trump didn’t invent birtherism. In fact, it was Hillary Clinton who originally raised doubts about Obama’s eligibility to run for president. While she emerged from the 2008 campaign without being branded racist, Trump’s flirtation with birtherism was only the beginning of the “Trump’s a racist” canard.

In fact, I’m still waiting for any evidence of Trump’s racism. If there were any, we’d have seen or heard it by now.

Comedian Tom Arnold claimed back in 2016 he had unreleased Celebrity Apprentice outtakes of Trump using racial slurs.

If any of these existed, they’d have been released by now, don’t you think?

Now, with the recent revelation of Hunter Biden using racial slurs in leaked text messages to his lawyer, the double standard just becomes more apparent.  A quick search of Google News reveals that the story appears to have gone unnoticed by the mainstream American media. Imagine, for example, if this had been one of Trump’s kids?

We’ve seen people’s lives and careers destroy over decades-old uses of racial slurs, yet Democrat politicians and their families remain curiously immune to any accountability for their own racism. Joe Biden himself has proven himself to be racist by current standard for his repeated disparaging remarks and jokes about various racial groups and minorities, as well as his past opposition to busing and support of former KKK leaders in the Democratic Party.

There is more evidence of Biden’s racism than there ever has been of Trump’s alleged racism. In fact, those who accuse Trump of racism rely solely on subjective assessments of policy, in which they “find” racism when none exists, or simply claim that Trump’s alleged racism is simply a matter of fact, something that can’t be questioned because it’s obvious—a forgone conclusion that doesn’t require actual evidence.

For the left, the “proof” of Trump’s “racism” is the same “proof” that is given for basically the entire Republican Party: opposing left-wing policies. In other words, there is no proof. Calling Trump a “racist” is just Democrat shorthand for “I don’t like his policies.” The next Republican president will not only be labeled a racist by the left, but will be assessed as “even worse than Trump.”

But that doesn’t change the fact that the racism the left constantly decries is so frequently found on their side of the aisle—and yet they do nothing about it.