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Make Driving Great Again: Oklahoma Highway Will Get Renamed For Trump

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On Friday, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed legislation that will rename a stretch of highway in the state’s panhandle after Donald Trump, reports The Oklahoman.

A  20-mile stretch of U.S. 287 will be renamed “President Donald J. Trump Highway” officially on November 1. According to a report, “The legislation was briefly derailed in the Oklahoma Legislature when Senate Minority Leader Kay Floyd, D-Oklahoma City, pointed out that state law says, typically, a person must be dead for at least three years before a highway or bridge can be named in their honor. The only exception is for Medal of Honor recipients.”

The bill was subsequently amended to remove the three-year requirement.

In Ohio, Republicans are looking to rename a state park after President Trump, while Democrats in New York are hoping to strip his name from Donald J. Trump State Park in Yorktown and Putnam Valley, even though Trump himself donated the land to the state in 2006.