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Joe Biden Played 'Mario Kart,' and the Media Thinks You Care Because 'Journalism'

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Hunter Biden got a controversial and lucrative book deal. Members of both the Biden family and the Harris family are reportedly trying to cash in on their White House connections. There are all sorts of problems with vaccine distribution.

But how did Joe Biden relax during Presidents Day weekend? That’s the big question the media wants you to know the answer to. And, rest assured, they have all the details.

Joe Biden, it turns out, spent the weekend at Camp David and played “Mario Kart” with his family. His granddaughter Naomi posted a video on Instagram of them playing, using Arcade GP DX machines. And Joe Biden played as Luigi. In case you cared.

“Doing things like playing games with family or engaging in drifts on the Mario Kart circuit definitely helps to humanize the most powerful man on the planet,” wrote Colin Malone of GameRant. “The office of the Presidency often serves to mystify the office holder to the American public, and seeing them like this can help bring them down to earth.”

“This isn’t the first time Biden has entered the gaming world,” reported Newsweek. “During the 2020 presidential election, Biden had an ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizon’ island set up, engaging with Biden-Harris supporters from all over the country and encouraging gamers to vote. On the island, there were flowers arranged in the shape of the American flag, along with ice cream carts.”

Oh, it gets better. The Hill led off their article saying that “President Biden has joined the scores of people who turned to “Mario Kart” to stay entertained during the pandemic – at least for one game with his granddaughter.”

“At Camp David retreat, Biden hangs out, shows he’s got game,” read the headline from the Associated Press.

Also included in some of the reports were photos of “presidential swag” Biden donned over the weekend, including a presidential hat with “POP” embroidered on the back. Because hard-hitting journalism is back in style.

As for the “Mario Kart” race, each report was sure to include the very important factoid that the 78-year-old Joe Biden came out victorious in his “Mario Kart” game against his 26-year-old granddaughter—but “barely.”

What did the media report on back in 2017, during President Trump’s first President Day weekend in office? NBC News reported on nationwide “Not My Presidents Day” protests that were held in objection to his “anti-immigration policies.”

The New York Times wrote an exposé on the enormous costs of Trump’s visits to Mar-a-Lago. The Washington Post lamented that Trump’s visits to his Florida resort were a “logistical nightmare.” NPR reported on how disruptive Trump’s frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago were to Palm Beach life.

Without telling the media, President Trump did attend a fundraiser for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute that was held at Mar-a-Lago, but the media somehow managed to spin that as a bad thing. “Trump attends controversial Dana-Farber fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago,” read the headline at the Boston Globe.

I guess Trump should have played “Mario Kart” instead?

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