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Imagine That: Support for Black Lives Matter Protests Tanks in Wisconsin

Julio Rosas/ Townhall Media

A new poll shows that support for Black Lives Matter protests has dropped 13 points since June amongst Wisconsin residents.

In June, support for Black Lives Matter protests in Wisconsin stood at 61 percent, with only 36 percent disapproving, a whopping 25 point difference. Fast forward to early August, support for Black Lives Matter protests has fallen to 48 percent, now eaqual to those who disapprove.

Marquette Law School in Milwaukee, WI conducted the polls.

The Black Lives Matter movement has also seen a decline in favorablity. In June, 59 percent held a favorable view, and 27 percent had an unfavorable view. In August, favorability declined to 49 percent, and unfavorability increased to 37 percent.

Approval remained strong among Black or Hispanic respondents and in the City of Milwaukee, but declined among white respondents and in the four media-market regions of the state outside the city of Milwaukee. Approval also declined in each of five urban-suburban categories including cities, suburbs, exurbs, small towns and rural areas. In August more respondents approved than disapproved in cities. Suburban areas, which were substantially net positive in June, became net negative on approval in August, though not as negative as exurban, small towns or rural areas. Net approval also declined across all three categories of party identification, with the largest declines among Republicans.

This decline in support isn’t limited to Wisconsin. FiveThirtyEight sees support for Black Lives Matter declining nationwide, suggesting that the months of riots is backfiring on the movement, and could help Trump’s law and order message resonate with voters. President Trump won Wisconsin in 2016 by just under 23,000 votes.

The poll was conducted the police shooting of Jacob Blake, which has since sparked riots and burnings and more killing in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

CNN’s Don Lemon warned the Democrats that ignoring the riots would be a problem for them beacuse it “shows up in the polling” that it’s hurting them.


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