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Governor Northam Takes Credit for 'De-Escalating' Peaceful Virginia 2A Rally

Demonstrators are seen during a pro-gun rally, Monday, Jan. 20, 2020, in Richmond, Va. Thousands of pro-gun supporters are expected at the rally to oppose gun control legislation like universal background checks that are being pushed by the newly elected Democratic legislature. (AP Photo/Sarah Rankin)

By all accounts, the pro-Second Amendment Lobby Day rally was a spirited but peaceful event.

One protester (possibly an Antifa mole) urged violent action during the rally but quickly found himself to be a minority of one, as other rallygoers accused him of deliberately trying to stir up trouble. You can thank the fake news media for bogus negative coverage of the rally, which, by their estimation, was full of white supremacists, Nazis, and militia groups.

The rally was attended by peaceful citizens of all races, and based on post-rally reports, there was no violence and only one arrest was made: a 21-year-old woman had violated a temporary anti-mask statute put in place by the governor.

Despite the peaceful nature of the rally, Governor Ralph Northam tried to take credit for the lack of violence. “We are all thankful that today passed without incident,” Northam said in a statement. “The teams successfully de-escalated what could have been a volatile situation. This resulted from weeks of planning and extensive cooperation among state, local, and federal partners in Virginia and beyond.”

De-escalated? De-escalated what? There was nothing to de-escalate. This wasn’t a violent Antifa protest, or one of those once-popular Occupy Wall Street rallies, both of which are synonymous with violence and property damage. This was a rally of people who support our constitutional right to bear arms—something under threat in the state.

This guy here says it all:


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