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Conservative Street Artist Sabo Strikes Adam Schiff's District

Conservative Street Artist Sabo Strikes Adam Schiff's District
(Photo courtesy of Sabo,

Conservative street artist Sabo has struck again, this time in Adam Schiff’s district. On Wednesday, the first day of the public impeachment hearings, Sabo targeted Schiff’s district with posters mocking the Showtime program “Shameless” whose tenth season premiered this week.

This is not the first time Sabo has targeted Schiff. “I had posted some images of Adam Schiff earlier that had been torn down since.” Those postered Adam Schiff in white briefs partying with Democrat donor Ed Buck, who has generated some controversy of his own after two of his “friends” died from drug overdoses in his apartment—in Schiff’s district. Buck was finally arrested in September.

Sabo also used the opportunity to promote Schiff’s Republican opponent, Eric Early. “I am not working with Eric Early’s campaign,” Sabo tells PJ Media. “I just like him as a candidate.”

“I did a quick search of who is running against Adam Schiff in the 28th district and Eric seemed the most experienced,” Sabo told PJ Media. “When I’m out late working into the night in the 28th district the place looks like a post-apocalyptic zombie land with all of the druggies and homeless taking over the streets. All of L.A. needs experienced men and women to lead it and I think Eric is the guy.”

“I love Los Angeles and it breaks my heart to see what the Democrats have done to it,” Sabo added. “The Republican party in California needs to step up before it’s too late.”


This is Sabo’s first big street poster pop-up since PayPal de-platformed him last month. Sabo tells PJ Media that he has found a new payment portal to replace PayPal, and being de-platformed may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. “PayPal de-platforming me forced me to restructure my entire mains site [sic], which in the end turned out to be a good thing.”

For more of Sabo’s work, visit his website.