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Florida Woman Stabs Herself Because She Was ‘Tired of Living in Trump’s Country’

Florida Woman Stabs Herself Because She Was ‘Tired of Living in Trump’s Country’
President Donald Trump hugs the American flag as he arrives to speak at Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC 2019, in Oxon Hill, Md., Saturday, March 2, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

It looks like a Florida Woman is giving the proverbial “Florida Man” a run for his money. Fox News reports that a Florida woman stabbed herself three times in the stomach because of President Trump:

The Palmetto woman, whose name was redacted from a police report posted by the Smoking Gun, was found covered in blood standing outside her apartment on Sunday. When police asked what was wrong, she reportedly lifted up her shirt to show three stab wounds.

“I’m tired of living in Trump’s country. I’m tired of Trump being president,” she reportedly told the police.

The report said the woman admitted to stabbing herself for those reasons.

According to the report, the woman has a history of harming herself and had been involuntarily institutionalized in the past.

It must be pretty obvious to everyone now that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a legitimate mental illness. Since Trump was elected president, there have been multiple stories of people setting themselves on fire, the most recent incident happening last week. There have also been many stories of Trump supporters being discriminated against, assaulted, even shot at by people who still haven’t gotten over the 2016 election. PJM’s Debra Heine has a running list of some of the most recent attacks:

June 1: TDS on Steroids: Leftist Thug Parks Car in the Middle of the Street to Attack Trump Supporters in LA

May 3: Asians Harassed in D.C. for Wearing MAGA Hats Were North Korean Defectors

April 2019: Maryland Man in MAGA Hat Beaten and Robbed in Latest Politically Motivated Attack

April 2019: Model Assaults #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka at the Airport for Wearing a MAGA Hat

April 2019: Mexican-American Trump Supporter Attacked in California Post Office for Wearing MAGA Hat

April 2019: California Woman Spazzes Out, Tries to ‘Shame’ Elderly Man in MAGA Hat at Starbucks

March 2019: Florida School Bus Aide Harangues Boy with MAGA Hat, Rips It off His Head

March 2019: Man in MAGA Hat Mobbed, Has Hat Stolen as Stephon Clark Protest Spirals out of Control in Sacramento

Feb. 2019: Mass. Woman Charged with Assault After Attacking MAGA Hat-Wearing Man in Bar

Feb. 2019: Store Clerk in Kansas Curses Out MAGA Hat-Wearing 14-Year-Old

Feb 2019: Man Pulls a Gun on Sam’s Club Customer Wearing MAGA Hat

I was devastated when Barack Obama won in 2008, but you never saw me set myself on fire or stab myself. I may have cried myself to sleep a couple of times, but I didn’t injure myself or other people. Liberals have become so consumed with hatred that they are hurting themselves. This is not normal. There was once a time when people voted in a presidential election, and if their preferred candidate lost, they just went on with their lives. Guess what? Trump isn’t Hitler. I know this might be hard for liberals to accept, but the sooner they concede that Trump is not the evil fascist they believe him to be the more sane they’ll become, and the fewer people will get hurt.



Matt Margolis is the author of The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama and the bestselling The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. His new book, Trumping Obama: How President Trump Saved Us From Barack Obama’s Legacy, will be published in July 2019. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis