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Why Is This Obama/Kennedy Amnesty Zealot Handling DHS Data on Illegal Immigration?

Why Is This Obama/Kennedy Amnesty Zealot Handling DHS Data on Illegal Immigration?
A Federal officer watches as DACA supporters protest outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement shortly after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be suspended with a six-month delay, Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Matt York)

You probably haven’t heard of Marc Rosenblum, but he’s a name you should become familiar with. Rosenblum is an Obama administration alum and amnesty advocate. He also happens to be the deputy assistant secretary at the Office of Immigration Statistics (OIS) at the Department of Homeland Security, a position he has held since January 2016 with a starting salary of $170,500 a year. Rosenblum “is among the highest-paid ten percent of employees in the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters.”

Prior to his current gig at DHS, Rosenblum was at the Migration Policy Institute, a liberal D.C. think-tank where he was deputy director of the U.S. Immigration Policy Program. According to his biography:

Previously he was a specialist in immigration policy at the Congressional Research Service, and before that a Senior Policy Analyst at MPI. Dr. Rosenblum was a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow detailed to the office of U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy during the 2006 Senate immigration debate and was involved in crafting the Senate’s immigration legislation in 2006 and 2007.

He also served as a member of President-elect Obama’s Immigration Policy Transition Team in 2009. From 2011-13, he served on the National Research Council’s Committee on Estimating Costs to the Department of Justice of Increased Border Security Enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security.

The late Senator Ted Kennedy, you might recall, was a big advocate of amnesty. Throughout his career he made several attempts to open up America’s borders and pass amnesty for illegal immigrants.

During the Obama years, Rosenblum was a strong advocate of executive amnesty — even at the expense of the truth. On October 21, 2014, Rosenblum gave a pro-amnesty presentation at the Migration Policy Institute. During this presentation, Rosenblum attempted to justify President Obama’s forthcoming executive amnesty by citing five previous examples of executive actions on immigration. The only problem with the examples, according to Ian Smith of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, “was that of the five executive actions picked, four were illegitimate power-grabs by federal agencies which were later restricted or completely culled by Congress and the other wasn’t even an executive program at all, but one implemented by Congress.”

According to Smith, “Rosenblum’s presentation was close to fraudulent.”

On December 2, 2015, Rosenblum testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, where he argued against using resources to deport “unauthorized immigrants” from the country. “Is increasing the number of deportations more important than protecting the wellbeing of communities, employers, and immigrant families?” Rosenblum asked the committee. “What can be done to ensure that immigration enforcement does not violate Americans’ civil and constitutional rights? These questions have only become more difficult in the last decade as ICE has developed more powerful tools to deport non-citizens from the U.S. interior.”

Rosenblum has argued that illegal immigrants commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans, but a recent study shows that is not true. According to a study from Crime Prevention Research Center, the crime rate for illegal immigrants in the state of Arizona is double that of native-born residents and legal immigrants.

“The type of person who goes through the process to legally immigrate in the United States appears to be very law-abiding versus even the U.S.-born population,” says John R. Lott Jr., author of the report. “The reverse is true for undocumented immigrants — they are committing crimes, and more serious crimes.”

Rosenblum has publicly criticized Trump’s immigration policies. One key element of Trump’s immigration policy is the border wall, which Rosenblum believes would be too costly and ineffective. Howewer, a study by the Center for Immigration Studies concluded that — due to the costs of illegal immigration — even if a border wall only managed to deter 9 to 12 percent of expected illegal crossings over the next decade, the wall will have paid for itself.

Why does Rosenblum’s position at the DHS Office of Immigration Statistics matter? Because of what OIS is tasked with doing. According to their website:

[OIS] leads the collection and dissemination to Congress and the public of statistical information and analysis useful in evaluating the social, economic, environmental, and demographic impact of immigration laws, migration flows, and immigration enforcement.

This means that Rosenblum is in a position of influence with our nation’s statistics on illegal immigration. Should an amnesty advocate be deputy assistant secretary at DHS Office of Immigration Statistics? Especially one with a history of using false or misleading data to justify unconstitutional executive amnesty?

President Trump needs to purge Obama-era partisans out of positions of influence. If there’s any hope of fixing our immigration system and curbing illegal immigration, pro-amnesty radicals must be purged from the Department of Homeland Security.