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The Morning Briefing: Will Trump Veto the Spending Bill and Much, Much More

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., speaks to reporters about the possibility of a partial government shutdown, at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a signing ceremony for H.R. 2, the “Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018”

Freedom Caucus will support a Trump veto

President Trump campaigned on building a big, beautiful wall and it sure looks like he has abandoned that plan. The president is going to have a real problem getting re-elected if he gives up on immigration reform and border safety. Late last night, the Freedom Caucus told the president they would have his back should he veto the border wall-less continuing resolution offer approved by the Democrats.

“Mr. President, we’re going to back you up if you veto this — back you up,” Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said. “If you veto this bill, we’ll be there. More importantly, the American people will be there. They’ll be there to support you. Let’s build the wall and make sure we do our job in Congress.”

“The president, many, many months ago said he would not sign another funding bill unless we gave him wall funding. What did this House do?” Meadows said. “It passed the bill to fund the Department of Defense and passed a short-term CR. And said we are going to have that fight after the mid-terms.”

Trump is getting bad advice, as he has gotten consistently throughout his presidency. Do you think he will veto the CR or do you think he will go along with the Democrats? Tell me in the comments.


Senate approves stopgap spending measure to avoid shutdown, sends to House

GoFundMe for border wall raises more than $2M in just 3 days

Jeff Flake, GTFO, please

Senator Jeff Flake (“R”-Ariz.), who has been auditioning for a position on MSNBC ever since he decided not to run for re-election, will introduce a carbon tax on the American people as a farewell present to America.

Like the House bill, Flake’s carbon tax bill would tax emissions at $15 per ton — a rate that would rise $10 per year until greenhouse gas emissions, hitting $100 per ton in 2030. All of the revenues raised through the tax will get rebated to households to compensate for higher energy costs.

Flake did not run for re-election because he knew he could not get re-elected by his constituents. Nevertheless, despite this rejection, he is treated as a political influencer by the media. He’s a clown. Go away, Jeff Flake, and take your carbon tax with you.

Person of the year:

Gun buyback participant turns in firearm to get cash for ‘better weapon’

Historical picture of the day:

Mrs. Paul Titus (above), a 77-year-old air raid spotter of Bucks County, Pa., carries a gun as she patrols her beat, Dec. 20, 1941. Mrs. Titus signed-up the day after the Pearl Harbor attack. “I can carry a gun any time they want me to,” she declared. (AP Photo)

Other morsels:

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And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!