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Everything Is Racist! New Lows From the Left Decry 'Racism' That Doesn't Exist

(Joerg Carstensen/dpa via AP)

Racism is in the air. Open your windows and smell the bigotry! Everything is racist when you’re a progressive regressive. Beware the roads, beware the trees—hatred abounds!

Let’s take a look at who and what is a big, bigotty bigot these days.

Don Who?

Lefty stooge Don Winslow recently referred to a CNN article criticizing Kamala Harris as “racist” and “misogynistic.” Lefties believe saying something negative about someone who isn’t a straight, white man is somehow a form of bigotry.

But here is the punchline: the CNN article was written by a black woman named Jasmine Wright. Beta cuck Don Winslow is a white boy. (Yes, I’m assuming Winslow’s gender AND race).

Winslow goes on to say that “Trump and Republicans are trying to burn this country to the ground.” Apparently, he hasn’t taken a close look at who has been setting the nation on fire for the last 18 months.

The lunacy of a white guy blabbering about racism and misogyny in an article written by a black woman criticizing another black woman is just the tip of the non-binary frozen water structure of fake hatred.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse shot three white people, in what sane people see were obvious cases of self-defense. This didn’t stop the left-leaning toadies from branding Rittenhouse as a “racist.” Harper’s BAZAAR went so far as to compare Rittenhouse to Dylann Roof, who shot nine black people. How is a white kid who shot three white people in self-defense the same as a white guy who killed nine black people in an obvious act of racism? Only a lefty moron would make such an insinuation. Justin Bieber could Uzi a Weird Al Yankovic concert, and the left would call him a white supremacist.


Just when Kamala Harris’s polling is at her lowest and you’d think she’d be her quietest, she interrupted a NASA presentation to ask about trees and race.

Is she saying there are fewer trees in black neighborhoods? As though trees saw black folks moving in and thought, “There goes the neighborhood,” literally uprooted, and left? Is she suggesting minorities are relegated to tree-free neighborhoods? Her insane drive to find racism in everything, including botany, tells me things aren’t going well between her and President Peepants. The leftists always point their gluten-free fingers toward bigotry when they are facing failure. This brings us to Little Pete.

New York Highways

Container ships are bottlenecked on the west coast. The supply chain is in shambles. America’s truckers aren’t happy with vaccine mandates and we don’t know what they are going to do. Store shelves are empty and Christmas is looming. Americans are weeks away from eye-gouging each other over toilet paper. Parents will flame-thrower one another over the last set of Legos.

Meanwhile, Biden’s kommisar of transportation, Pete Buttigieg, took two months off to play with a baby he and his husband adopted. This isn’t the best time to step away from the job, but Buttigieg doesn’t seem to care that the rest of us may soon be fisting-fighting old ladies for the last can of creamed corn.

People are angry. Rather than step up like a man and take responsibility, Buttigieg did what liberals in trouble always do: he played the race card. This time, it’s the highways around New York City that are somehow “racist.”

The Cross-Bronx Expressway is race target #1. The left is crying that the highway was deliberately built to separate white neighborhoods from minority ones (never mind that the expressway goes through a neighborhood that magically dead-ends into the George Washington Bridge). Also, the South Bronx of the 1940s, when the planning of the Cross Bronx Expressway began, was largely inhabited by Irish, Jewish, and Italian people. Buttigieg is a dolt.

New York’s scaly-skinned, boot-licking chameleon Senator, Chucky Schumer, climbed aboard the “highways are racist” deflection, hoping to appease the Democrat’s current commie rulers and extend his career by another voting cycle. He knows AOC is looking at his gig the way China looks at Taiwan.

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With Thanksgiving dinner almost upon us, I can see Brussels sprouts being racist against Belgians, red potatoes offending commies, and squash being an affront to bugs. The left will do anything to take our focus off what’s really happening: Biden and his peeps are sinking our country like the Titanic.