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The Real Reason for Michigan Gov. Whitmer's About-Face on Mask and Vaccine Mandates

The Real Reason for Michigan Gov. Whitmer's About-Face on Mask and Vaccine Mandates
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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, known for  her Stalin-like responses to COVID, has pulled an about-face. The normally dictatorial governor has decided against mask mandates in schools and vaccine passports. This is obviously out of step with what leftists are doing elsewhere–and from what Whitmer has decreed in the past.


Oakland County Executive David Coulter, a fellow lefty, agrees with her decision. Maybe he also sees the writing on the wall (my apologies, I forgot walls are racist).

“The governor has demonstrated that she believes that local health departments and local school boards should be involved in these decisions. I agree with that and any opportunity to remove us from that would be a huge mistake, and I would certainly hope that she would not support that.”

Whitmer locked Michigan down tight, even though she didn’t always stick to her own rules.  She had a restaurant owner arrested for choosing to remain open, but went against her own rules when she boozed it up with a bunch of her homies.

Whitmer warned Michiganders not to go to Florida during the spring break period and then “borrowed” a chartered flight to Florida. Her husband wanted to pull rank and get his boat into the water when the rest of the state was expected to stay home. This is the same Democrat lizard person who hit a 77-year-old barber with a $9,000 fine for not abiding by her protocols.


So why has Whitmer veered from her apparatchik COVID playbook?

Meet James Craig. He’s the former Detroit chief of police running in a crowded group of GOP gubernatorial hopefuls.

Craig is hard on crime and pro-gun, like a lot of Michiganders on both sides of the aisle. He is also black.

Several months after taking the wheel at the Detroit Police Department (DPD), Craig famously warned Detroiters that the DPD couldn’t protect them all. His advice? Buy a gun.

Mr. Craig is beating Whitmer by six points, according to a recent Trafalgar poll that heavily favors Democrat voters.


It’s no surprise that Whitmer is pulling back on her dictator nonsense. She magically decided to ropen eMichigan on June 22, 2021, a week before schedule, after a poll showed her getting spanked by a “generic Republican.”

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FACT-O-RAMA! Whitmer’s 2018 campaign accepted mad stacks from a shadowy group that somehow exploited a loophole and didn’t require donors to be named. Her largest named donors were the employees of Blue Cross Blue Shield, where her father had previously been the president.


Another Michigan GOP gubernatorial wannabe, Garrett Soldano, was recently permanently booted from YouTube over his opinions on COVID. Let’s see what happens with James Craig, who poses the most serious threat.

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