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The Zeus Is Loose! George Floyd Mural Destroyed by Lightning

AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Take the Hint

In what some consider to be the act of an angry God, a God who doesn’t care for career criminals who point guns at the bellies of pregnant women, Toledo’s building-side mural of George Floyd was demolished by a bolt of lightning. No word on whether there was any heavenly damage to the plaque of Ferguson, Missouri’s anointed son, Michael Brown.

Hands Up, Don’t Glorify

I can’t seem to find anything linking George Floyd to Toledo, OHIO, (other than wokeness) or why the city would glorify a career criminal, perhaps even prompting young thugs citizens to follow in his footsteps, resist arrest, and get killed. An internet search did not reveal Toledo murals dedicated to successful black Ohioans Halle Berry, Arsenio Hall, or Bow Wow, a.k.a. the artist formerly know as Lil Bow Wow.

Here we see before and after shots of George’s painting and a hilarious Twitter response. So much for “No Signal.” I think the “signal” was loud and clear.

Toledo’s leftist mayor suggested the mural may have been destroyed by “natural causes” or perhaps white supremacists vandalism, even though witnesses saw the lightning destroy the painting, and Doppler radar (science!) showed a lightning strike on that very block around 4:30 p.m. that very day.

“We may never know for certainty why the George Floyd mural came down. It could have been an act of nature, or it could have been an act of vandalism,” Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said. “What we do know is that the mural will be replaced.” So much for his promise to “restore discipline the the city’s budget.” Certainty?

On a scale of 1-100, with 100 being safest, Toledo ranks a tragic “6.” Perhaps Mayor Kapszukiewicz should sink that mural replacement cheddar into something that might save a young black person’s life, and not spend it sucking up for black votes.