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Four Arrested, 'Guns Laid Out' Near Baseball All-Star Game

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Las Vegas-Style Shooting Feared

A hotel maid reported a cache of “guns laid out” in a hotel two blocks from the Major League Baseball stadium, Coors Field, set to host the All-Star Game tomorrow.

Four people were arrested on illegal weapons possession charges at the Maven Hotel. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is now involved in the ongoing investigation but tweeted that the Denver Police Department (DPD) is taking the lead.

Guns, Body Armor, Ammo

DPD snagged 16 long guns, body armor, and over 1,000 rounds of ammo.

Four people were arrested, three men and a woman. They had rented two rooms on two different floors of the hotel. The people under arrest are Richard Platt, 42, Gabriel Rodriguez, 48, and Ricardo Rodriguez, 44, all of whom were arrested as part of an investigation into allegations of illegal possession of a weapon by a previous offender and narcotic violations, Denver’s FOX 31 reported.

Kanoelehua Serikawa, 43, was also arrested for possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

“Go Out in a Big Way”

One of the men was recently divorced and stated on Facebook he wanted to “go out in a big way.”

Other hotel guests were told to stay in their rooms during the police raid that nabbed the guns.

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“Once I got up to my room the hotel phone started ringing,” hotel guest Drake Voell said. “I answered, and they said for everyone to stay in their room because there was a situation. I asked what was going on and they said there was just a few people that were up to no good on the fourth and the eighth floor.”

The FBI tweeted that the arrests were thus far not believed to be terrorist-related, nor are they an indication of a threat to the All-Star Game, its players, or fans.

Ground Zero For Mass Shootings

Colorado has been the home of headline-grabbing mass shootings in Aurora, Columbine, Colorado Springs, and Boulder.

The state of Colorado has universal background checks, a ban on large-capacity magazines, and state database background checks—all the things the anti-gun crowd whines about. Anti-gun advocates believe the state is missing “assault weapon” restrictions, waiting periods, open-carry regulations, and gun-owner licensing.

The gun-hating liberals at Giffords Law Center rate Colorado a “C+” for gun safety.