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[VIDEO] Lunatic Punches, Kicks Defenseless Horses in New York City

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Speaking of Buggy

A New York City whack job, apparently wearing a first responders emergency vest, went berserk, punching and kicking horses as they pulled carriages in Central Park yesterday.

In a series of videos and pictures, the wild man, who appears to have a recent history of horse-hating behavior, showed up to a line of five carriages waiting for customers, began cursing them out, and then punched and kicked several of the horses.

The Bronco-buster lined up to slug a 16-year-old mare named “Mary.” That’s when hansom cab driver Henry Kaya pulled back on Mary’s reins and dodged a full-on “hay”maker. Mr. Kaya then followed the meshugge man, videotaping him and asking why he attacked his horse. Kaya asked bystanders to call the cops. The crazy man stated, among other things, that “the cops won’t do nothing” and suggested he had a knife before walking away.

“There’s nothing wrong with your horse! Now you’re getting me upset.” -Crazy horse puncher

This is supposedly not the first time the man has assaulted horses, according to fellow horse carriage driver Mario Angelucci, who not only backs up Kaya’s testimony, but stated that last Wednesday the same man spat at a white carriage horse and scared it by punching the air near its face.

Police responded and said they recognize the man from Times Square but declared the accusations “unfounded” because there was no proof a crime had been committed.