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[WATCH] Police Wrestle Knife Away From Woman at Venice Beach Political Rally

Woman in lower left corner seen picking up large knife at LA mayor candidate's rally. Screenshot from Twitter video.

Los Angeles councilman and former police officer Joe Buscaino was giving an outdoor speech in his bid to be L.A.’s next mayor when a woman with a knife approached the stage. In a series of videos shot by reporter Kate Cagle, cops disarm the white hippy chick as Buscaino makes his escape in the background of the video. The woman insults the cops and refuses to drop the knife. A police officer was reportedly cut during the fracas.

In the first video, local resident Nico Ruderman claims he saw the woman pull out the large knife and heard her say, “I’m going to start killing people” (language warning).

In the second video below, the woman, wearing stylish red suspenders, is seen dropping the knife in the lower left-hand corner of the shot, picking it up, and stowing it in her overalls.

In this third video tweeted by Kate Cagle, cops wrestle the knife away from the woman as she berates them. A voice is heard telling her to “just quit fighting.”

Language warning.

Photojournalist Patrick T. Fallon snapped this pic of the large knife from the stage.

In the final video, which seems to keep disappearing from Twitter, we see what is allegedly the same woman, in the same OG Carly Simon hat, assaulting someone with a post in a concrete base. It is not known if she lives in a homeless camp.

The woman was arrested at the mayoral rally for assault with a deadly weapon.

Homelessness, a huge problem in Los Angeles and the rest of the West Coast, is an issue that Joe Buscaino often discusses in his campaign for mayor.