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Pro-Life Creator of Popular Comic 'Strange Planet' Condemned by Leftist Outrage Mob

If you’re a conservative and you suddenly find yourself enjoying viral fame, enjoy it while it lasts because your time as an object of adoration ain’t going to last long. Leftists will quickly discover your connections to conservative causes and work swiftly to ensure your fall from public grace. Just ask cartoonist Nathan Pyle, the creator of the popular Strange Planet comics.

Created earlier this year, Pyle’s Strange Planet comics have a become a viral sensation, seemingly taking over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere else on the internet where people share and post memes and content. The comics feature aliens making short, pithy comments about current social issues, pointing out the absurdity of much of contemporary culture. Pyle and his comics are now the talk of the internet for a different reason though.

After discovering a tweet from 2017 in which Pyle expresses support for the March for Life, the leftist hit squad is sharpening the cultural guillotine’s blade. As fast as his rise was, Nathan Pyle finds himself being dragged into the public square for punishment even faster.

Unable to handle the thought that someone disagrees with them, leftists have balled up their outraged fists and have begun shrieking that they will destroy Nathan Pyle. Lusting after the chance to prove what great social justice warriors they are, those who just a day ago were fans of Strange Planet are lining up to loudly state that they are washing their hands of Pyle and will have nothing more to do with him nor his comics.

The Daily Dot, whatever that is, published an article with the headline, “The Internet’s Favorite New Comic Strip Ruined by Old Anti-Abortion Tweet.” Ruined? Really, Daily Dot? The comics Pyle created that you once enjoyed haven’t changed even though an old tweet from Pyle has resurfaced. Strange Planet hasn’t been ruined, you simply can’t handle the thought that someone disagrees with you.

Of course, the irony is lost on leftists that they are currently providing a real-life demonstration of the type of contemporary absurdity that Pyle’s aliens muse about. I mean, my word! If you can’t enjoy something because you have a point of disagreement with the creator, what a child you are. By way of one example out of possibly many, I love the work of the actor Christian Bale, yet I abhor much of his politics and personal beliefs. However, when I’m watching a movie starring Bale, I am able to enjoy his creation because I am an adult.

The most frightening part out of all this isn’t the left’s collective hissy fit; it’s the reason for their hissy fit. They are currently engaged in a program of demonizing the beliefs of half the country to the point where half the country won’t be allowed a voice in the public square. March for Life is not some fringe extremist group. They are an organization that voices the concerns and beliefs of a large percentage of Americans. Attempting to shut down those voices is the tactic of totalitarian states. If the left has their way, it will become illegal to be a conservative in this country. One small way to fight back is to help Nathan Pyle replace his leftist fans who are abandoning him with conservative fans who understand what it means to be an adult and who prize freedom of expression.