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D.C. Area 'White Women Yoga' Group Was a Hoax to Highlight Meetup's Racial Hypocrisy

Identity politics is all the rage. So much so, in fact, that it’s become easy to parody to the point where people don’t know what’s real or fake anymore. Hoaxes abound. Case in point, leftists were provoked into a breathless tizzy at the announcement of a D.C. area white women’s yoga group. Turns out, the group is a fake and was the brainchild of a Bowie, Md., woman who wanted to highlight the racist absurdity of identity politics.

Pat Brown married an African-American man decades before it was culturally acceptable to do so. Now divorced, she and her husband raised three children — one black son and two biracial kids. In other words, Pat Brown experienced racism and prejudice throughout the ’80s and ’90s on a level that the millennial SJWs worked up over her fake yoga group have only ever read about. In fact, it’s her concern over how her biracial children will be able to navigate an increasingly segregated world that prompted her to create the fake white women’s yoga group and post it on Meetup.

In a blog post, Brown reveals the awful amount of hate directed her way over the fake yoga group. She then explains her reason for creating the hoax:

Meetup is an organization that promotes separatism and racism and has been doing so for over a decade. There are more than 800 one-race-only groups that Meetup supports and promotes. In fact, Meetup kept sending me emails about joining these groups and when I tried, my membership was declined solely based on my photo. I tweeted to Meetup about this problem as I live in Prince George’s County, Maryland where my race (White) is a minority (13%). Most community groups (not Meetup) near to me that I join are mostly Black which is fine with me because of the demographics. I even am part of a line dance group in which I am the only White because the group uses soul and R&B music and happens to be in a predominately Black area. Because this group is county run, it is not allowed to discriminate against Whites and so I can be a part of it. This is the music I love to dance to and I am happy to be cheerfully accepted as a member of this line dance group.

In her post, Brown explains that because of the color of her skin she has been denied access and membership to several groups that interest her. She then confessed that she was worried about how her biracial children will be negatively affected by a world controlled by identity politics. Brown bluntly added, “I, myself, find any one-race-only group appalling and would never join a group that would refuse membership to someone who didn’t match the chosen color.”

Questioning Meetup about their policies that allow race-specific groups is what gave Brown the idea for the fake white women’s yoga group. After an absurd exchange with Meetup (I encourage you to read her blog post linked to above), Brown was met with silence when she asked, “So, you will help me find a group that accepts white people?”

Eventually, Meetup responded and said:

There is nothing wrong with people wanting to meet with other people and create a private space with others who share the same culture or identity. This includes you. If you feel the need to have a private space to connect with other white folks, you are allowed to do so.

Like most normal non-racist people not enamored with identity politics, Brown was shocked by Meetup’s response. She correctly asserts, “In this day and age, one-race-only groups should be a thing of the past.” And, so, in order to highlight the absurd and racist policies of Meetup, Pat Brown created three white-only groups, including the white women’s yoga group. Predictably, her hoaxes were met with an inordinate amount of hate from those who no doubt love and promote minority-only groups. As Brown asks, “Where have these people been for the past decade of Meetup allowing one-race-only groups?”

Racism is racism. Sadly, though, the anger directed at Pat Brown’s fake white women yoga group in the midst of a variety of groups that exclude white women illustrates that our society only views racism in one direction. As Pat Brown correctly diagnoses, “We are seeing George Orwell’s Animal Farm coming true. Where there used to be oppressors of one race, now we are seeing a rise in oppressors of another race and we see support from all races that this is acceptable.”