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Shaun King Uses Woman's Stupidity over Girl Selling Water to Cause Even More Racial Division

Shaun King poses where he was the lead pastor of Courageous Church in Midtown Atlanta. (Vino Wong/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

Shaun King would love nothing more than for everybody to retreat to their own identity corner in anger. I’m not saying that he wants a full-on race war, but sometimes it’s difficult to assume otherwise. Case in point, King has taken a woman’s stupidity as an opportunity to fan the flames of race hatred.

As I’m sure you’ve heard since the MSM has jumped all over the story, a woman in San Francisco called the police because a little girl was selling bottled water without a permit. Well, she pretended to call the police, which, in some ways, makes this whole thing even stupider.

Now nicknamed, “Permit Patty,” Alison Ettel has been forever immortalized in a viral video. USA Today fills in the details:

The child’s mother, Erin Austin, posted the video on her Instagram account. In it, she follows a woman named Alison Ettel according to Huffington Post and, who is holding a phone to her ear.

Austin told All the Moms she recently lost her job and her daughter Jordan was trying to raise money because she wanted to go to Disneyland.

Jordan was selling the water bottles outside the family’s apartment building, which is across the street from AT&T Stadium, where the Giants were playing that day, Austin said.


“This woman don’t wanna let a little girl sell some water,” Austin can be heard saying. “She calling the police on an 8-year-old little girl.”

Ettel then ducks behind a brick structure, appearing to hide.

Austin follows her with the camera, telling her the whole world is going to see her.

Ettel says the little girl is “illegally selling water without a permit.” It’s unclear whether she’s speaking to the cops or to Austin.

“On my property,” Austin says.

“It’s not your property,” Ettel responds before the video ends.

The internet, of course, is having a field day with this bit of nonsense. Whatever her motivations, Ettel made a stupid decision and will have to live with the consequences. Shaun King, however, took the outrage to a dangerous level with a tweet claiming, “They want police to kill us. The girl was causing no harm. They know what happens when they call the police. This is evil.”

First off, who is the “they” King is warning “us” about? Well, King, who adores identity politics, is most likely lumping all white people not willing to pay him obeisance into that “they.” And, of course, the “us” is referencing people of color.

Second, claiming that white people “want police to kill” people of color is dangerously wrong. I know a lot of white people and I don’t know of any of them who want the police to kill anybody regardless of their ethnicity. Even the few idiot racists that I know don’t want that.

Third, even people who voted for President Trump recognize that “the little girl was causing no harm.” You don’t have to be a liberal to recognize that Ettel’s actions were unwarranted. Apparently, you have to be a leftist to project hatred onto large groups of people over one stupid individual’s actions.

Finally, what’s evil is using this incident to deepen the racial divide in this country. Shaun King traffics in identity politics to create hatred and suspicion. That’s far worse than pretending to call the police because a little girl didn’t have a permit to sell water.