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Taco Trucks, Identity Politics, and the Death of Dialogue

Marco Gutierrez’s gaffe that there will be a “taco truck on every corner” if Trump isn’t elected should have infused needed levity into this contentious election season. Sadly, instead of laughing, the Left has retreated behind their ideological fortification and ramped up the lobbing of rhetorical grenades. When misguided, yet amusing, statements about taco trucks widen the divide, it may be time to toss in the towel, bury the heirlooms, and pray that our family and friends will survive America’s impending implosion. Identity politics have won; America has lost.

Obviously, Gutierrez doesn’t believe that there will literally be a taco truck on every corner if Trump loses. Further, because almost everyone loves tacos, of course, his chosen rhetorical device fails to prompt the visceral response that he wanted. Personally, I’d love to have access to a taco truck whenever the urge to eat tacos hits me (which is frequently).

Both candidates should’ve immediately latched onto the statement and had some fun with it. Donald Trump could’ve easily spun it around in his favor. While thanking Gutierrez for his support, Trump should’ve confessed that the statement made him crave tacos, and, more importantly, he believes that his policies will actually make it possible for there to be a taco truck on every corner. Hillary’s campaign should already be handing out t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers that read, “A Vote for Hillary Is a Vote for Tacos.”

None of that would probably have much of an effect, if any, on the election, but it would’ve allowed all of us to laugh together as Americans who love tacos. It would’ve reminded those who support Trump and those who support Hillary that we have things in common.

Based on tweets, memes, and Facebook posts, a wide variety of Americans find the idea of taco trucks on every corner appetizing. In an alternative universe in which humans are free to engage each other as fellow humans who have shared experiences (like loving tacos), we would’ve been allowed to continue to collectively have some good-natured laughs. The Left, however, decided that finding commonality violates the progressive idol of identity politics.

Among the lighthearted tweets, people accusing Gutierrez of racism and hating his people popped up. Disagreeing with someone’s overall point is one thing; accusing a Hispanic man of racism because of his obvious hyperbole does nothing to aid the broader conversation. In fact, it encourages those with differing opinions about immigration than yours to become defensive. When harsh accusations begin to fly and are then met by an equally harsh defensiveness, common ground will never be found. Leftists, of course, don’t believe that common ground can be found between whites (especially white conservatives) and other ethnic groups.

Among some of the first to race bait, NPR published an article that highlighted some funny tweets before “get[ting] serious for a bit.” In their first act of seriousness, NPR quoted Gustavo Arellano, who said “that as absurd as Gutierrez’s warning sounded to many people, it’s part of a long tradition of using Mexican food to scare white Americans.”

I know a lot of white Americans, and I don’t know a single one who is frightened by Mexican food. More importantly, almost every single white American that I know is thankful for Hispanics’ contributions to our nation’s varied and delicious cuisine. For many SJW’s, however, white Americans enjoying Mexican food is the cardinal sin of cultural appropriation.

Not wanting to miss out, Vox jumped into the farcical brouhaha that’s been created out of “taco trucks on every corner” and accused Gutierrez of using coded language in order to get away with a racist message.

These are just a sampling of the leftist hate tactics that are being used to widen the divide between constantly redefined identity groups. Power is the end-game of progressivism, and Gutierrez’s rhetorical miscue is being repurposed by liberals as fuel to foment further anger and mistrust. Making sure that fellow humans are too angry with each other to talk ensures that the leftists will have a mostly unobstructed path as they continue their goose-stepping march to total power.