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Pelosi Finally Condemns Rioting

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

How bad are the polls looking for the Democrats right now? To give you some idea, Nancy “People Will Do What They Do” Pelosi is finally, finally condemning the nightly rioting that’s been plaguing cities and towns across the country for months. She’s finally saying what we’ve been telling her all along. Without admitting we were right, of course.

What you just heard was Nancy Pelosi turning on her own base. You know things are looking bad for the Dems when they’re forced to concede to reality, no matter how much their most loyal voters hate it.

This is a complete 180-degree turn for Pelosi. Compare and contrast this with her disjointed babbling back in July, when mobs of rioters were tearing down statues of every dead white guy they could find:

And a month before that, Pelosi was yammering about the “increased militarization” of police “that may increase chaos”:

This was right after rioters tried to burn down St. John’s Church, right next to the White House, and all the journos and other Democrats were more concerned about Trump awkwardly holding up a Bible. Pelosi expressly, specifically sided with the rioters. She blamed the police for the violence.


Hey, maybe that YouTuber who recorded himself dropping a deuce in Pelosi’s driveway did some good after all. Suddenly, she realizes anarchy is no good!

Well, that and the $2 billion in damages the rioters and looters have caused so far. And police being beaten and shot in the streets. And restaurant patrons being chased away by table-flipping psychopaths screaming “F*** 12!” And other minor inconveniences.

I wonder how BLM and antifa will react to this? The Democrats have been covering for them this whole time, at every level of government. And if Zia Nancy no longer finds them politically useful, how much longer will these Democratic mayors keep playing catch-and-release with these rioting scumbags? How much longer will these cities watch their law-abiding citizens flee in droves?

Coddling these rioters is the worst mistake the Dems could’ve possibly made. Now they’re slamming the brakes as they veer toward a cliff. Can they regain control of the narrative before election day? Will anybody who’s been paying attention be fooled? Will the people whose lives have been destroyed by this rioting let bygones be bygones and keep voting for Democrats?

Yeah, probably. But at least we can still speak the truth, even if Nancy and Joe and the rest don’t like it. God bless America!

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