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San Antonio City Council Bans 'Chinese Virus' as Hate Speech

San Antonio City Council Bans 'Chinese Virus' as Hate Speech
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What in the world is happening in Texas? Just this week, a woman in Dallas was jailed for opening her hair salon so her employees could feed their kids. (She was released early, after everybody realized the judge who sentenced her is insane.) Now the San Antonio City Council wants to lock people up for telling the truth about the virus.

Garrett Brnger, KSAT:

The San Antonio City Council unanimously passed a resolution Thursday denouncing bigotry, antisemitism and “hateful speech” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resolution, which was put forward by Mayor Ron Nirenberg, states that hate crimes, discrimination, and aggression against Asians and Jews are on the rise as the groups are blamed for the disease’s outbreak and spread…

The resolution also states that the use of terms like “Chinese Virus” or “Kung Fu virus” encourage hate crimes and incidents against Asians as well as spread misinformation.

“Hate speech is more dangerous than the virus itself.” If you have to hear this nonsense for yourself, like I did:

“Thankfully there is a vaccine. That vaccine is light.” That’s right, they’re shining a light… by silencing free speech!

Orwell was an amateur.

So if you tell the truth, it’s your fault if somebody takes that information and does something bad. That’s your responsibility. It’s better to just avoid evidence. Avoid facts. Avoid reality. After all, somebody could get hurt.

We’re all just trying to survive this virus, and the economic ruin caused by this virus. Now we need to worry about some fascist locking us up for describing the virus accurately?

I love that they cut off that guy’s mic for protesting. Just perfect: “We’ll decide what is and isn’t free speech. Now shut up!”

In the early days of this disaster, Gail Collins at the NYT declared, “Let’s Call It Trumpvirus.” Does that mean she’s responsible if anybody in a MAGA hat gets beat up? No, of course not. That would be ridiculous. So is this.

COVID-19 is a Chinese virus, and it’s not hate speech to say so. Maybe Manny Pelaez and his comrades should be more worried about the deadly plague that’s destroying the world, and less worried about words that hurt their feelings.

Sticks and stones may break our bones. A virus may expire us. But names will never hurt us.

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