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Chinese City Bans Consumption of Cats and Dogs, Which Is Not at All Funny

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Did you hear the one about the Chinese restaurant that was right next to a pet store? If you did hear that one, and you laughed, you’re a disgusting racist. No Asian person in the history of the world has ever eaten a cat or a dog or any other animal that’s commonly regarded as a household pet in the Western world. It simply does not happen. (When Obama bragged in one of his various autobiographies about his Indonesian childhood spent eating dog meat, he was obviously just trolling the teabaggers.) As the irreplaceable blog Eater noted on Jan. 31: “Pinning Coronavirus on How Chinese People Eat Plays Into Racist Assumptions.” Pretty much anything you say about COVID-19 that isn’t directly blaming Trump is racist, but pet-eating jokes are especially so.

That’s what makes the following item so disappointing. Jack Guy, Steven Jiang, and Shanshan Wang, CNN:

Shenzhen, in southeastern China, has become the first city in the country to ban the consumption of cats and dogs, the government announced Thursday…

In February, following the coronavirus outbreak, China passed a law to ban the consumption of wild animals…

In addition, the consumption of animals raised as pets, such as cats and dogs will also be banned.

Sounds like a PR move (Pet Rescue).

I’m not sure why they’re banning something that never happens in China anyway. The only rational explanation is that Chinese government officials are racist against Chinese people. After all, that’s the reason I’m not supposed to say anything about the virus, or China, or any person in the entire world who is of Chinese descent. The institutionalized racism that’s endemic to the United States has obviously infected our friends to the East.

Just because you lost your job and you’re afraid you’re going to die of the deadly virus that the incompetent, dishonest Chinese Communist Party has unleashed, that doesn’t give you the right to say things like this:

Q: What do you call a Chinese guy with a pet cat?
A: A vegetarian.

I’m not sure you really understand how funny that isn’t. How dare you?